Online Motor bike Games

Most people will agree that riding a motorbike is very interesting and exciting not to mention extremely fun, especially during summer when the weather is suitable for such games. It takes a lot of practice, commitment and training to be able to ride a motorbike. This is because despite protecting yourself with a helmet, one can end up hurting oneself hence resulting to very serious injuries if one does not know how to handle a motorbike. But with the introduction of online motorbike games; one can be able to know the risks associated with motorbikes and how to prevent them. This is because most of these online games feature real world environments; the risks and also they are realistic. Here is some information about some of these games,

Max Dirt Bike

This is a very unique game since it almost appears like a puzzle game.

One must use the control keys due to the multiple levels that one must traverse. The up and down key controls the speed while the right and left key controls ones balance. In this game, one is required to jump over the pits, race sideways and even upside down and also over ramps not to mention climbing up sheer mountains. And if one finally gets through with the fastest time to all levels, then one is crown the king of Max Dirt Bike. As dangerous as it may look, this game it very exciting and fun though in real life is extremely dangerous to do some stunts in this game.  Therefore it is advisable to warn a child from imitating such games in real life.

Ford Motor Racer

Most people would prefer playing realistic games which are more fun than the others that are not.

Ford Motor Racer is one of them since it does not feature two simple dimensional scrolling motorbikes but features 3D graphics. It focuses less on tricks making part in a game and mainly draws its attention on speeding and racing part. For time to be posted online, one has to beat the opponent. It is very easy and simple. To get the highest score, one has to complete against time and the other race.

Super Mario Moto

Like other games, this game does not really focus on realistic features hence making it very simple to control .in this game, there is a famous plumber hero called Mario in Nintendo world. As Mario rides his motor bike through the mushroom kingdom, he collects coins through the grassy hills unlike in other realistic motorbike games where he would be facing tough spills and dangerous animals on the way. Therefore this game is specially introduced for the young kids or the new beginners who want to play and enjoy the excitement of riding motorbikes. Since Mario has to collect as many coins as possible in Mushroom kingdom, one has to control him by avoiding the pits. This game enables one to race in any environment of choice like for example grasslands, slipery icy ground not to mention the deserts. If one has never played motorcycle games then it is better to start with this one.

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