2010 Honda CRV | Honda CRV

When shopping for a new car there are so many things to consider, including the features, accessories, upgrades, and don't forget about all the financing options. But no matter how extravagant these features may seem, they are only distracting you from what should be your main concern and first priority when car shopping – safety. Even though every new vehicle must meet the minimum federal safety standards, it is obvious that some cars have been manufactured with your family's safety in mind. Some manufacturers not only attempt to meet the minimum safety standards, but strive to stretch the limits. This is extremely noticeable in the 2006 Honda Accord as it emphasizes safety with its first-rated seatbelts and top-quality airbags.Nothing is provides more safety then seat belts. They are the primary protection in every vehicle. The 3-point seat belt with pretensioners is as standard in the 2006 Honda Accord.

Each seat belt rides across the lap and chest to help restrain passengers during sudden stops or impacts, and provides superior protection. The features that make this seat belt so unique are the automatic tensioning system and the load limiters. The automatic tensioning system causes the seat belt to instantly tighten upon impact to restrain any forward movement from the passenger's body. The load limiters work together with the tensioning system by allowing the seat belts to loosen just enough to relieve the passenger's body of the sudden force while still controlling the overall restraint. Additionally, the 2006 Honda Accord includes adjustable seat belt anchors that adjust perfectly to the passenger's height, optimizing their comfort and safety.

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