Motorcycle Headlights: The Commuters Guide To Biking

Rush hour can be a nightmare. Frustrating. Hot. Tiring. But there is another way

Dont leave that beautiful sports bike youve got in the garage until Sunday morning, zip past traffic in an instant. Well show you some tips and techniques and how to stay safe with your motorcycle headlights and other features of your bike.

Why commute to work by bike though?

Its fast, much faster than cars, as when you hit a jam in a car youre stuck there and have to wait for it to clear. On a bike though you can cut through the traffic, either weaving between cars or going beside them. Just take care to keep your motorcycle headlights on as this will make you more visible and avoid car drivers edging out into your path.

It will save you money. Bikes, even powerful ones, often return more than 40mpg, so its a pity to leave them in the garage, especially in these days of increasing fuel prices. Its unlikely a petrol and many diesel cars return such good mileage.

Its a huge stress release. At the end of your busy day what could be better than jumping on the bike and letting all of your stress just melt away. You know it!

How can you stay safe?

As mentioned its important to keep on your motorcycle headlights so you are even more visible to other motorists, but you should also consider upgrading to LED or HID motorcycle headlights as these are far brighter and could help people to see you coming from further away giving you and them time to react.
You can also upgrade your motorcycle indicator lights and tail lights to LED bulbs for exactly the same reason.

Your clothing can also contribute to your visibility if you choose a coloured helmet and leathers. You could even pop a high-vis vest on over your jacket.

Your riding style is also a major factor in staying safe. Always leave a decent space between you and the car in front as this will allow you to keep your momentum, even at low speeds.

Try and ride at the same speed as the traffic, then other motorists can see you as a vehicle in the flow. If you are going too slowly or charging past at high speed it makes it more difficult for them to spot you and recognize you as a vehicle in your own right, increasing the chance of accidents.

Isnt it inconvenient?

You do need to wear proper leathers, gloves, boots and helmet; this should never be negotiable. If youre in a hot climate try and invest in leathers with vents.
If you can find crease-proof polo shirts, or shirts to wear under your jacket then this is an options. Otherwise just pop your work-wear in a bag and quickly change before and after work, its only going to take a few extra moments!

So before you start commuting on your motorcycle just make sure that your motorcycle headlights are up to scratch and that you have the right attitude and clothing. If you do, then youll benefit by having more time, money and a big smile on your face.

If you are looking to upgrade your bike then check online for the best prices, as youll save loads over shopping in the bike shop in town!

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Choose Bike Parts and Bike Accessories Wisely

If you are a bike fanatic, then there must be a day that your bike needed repairs or additional parts. If the damage your bike endured was beyond saving, it necessitates a need for replacement. It can be worn-out wheels, broken chains, or lose brakes. If you just need parts to improve your bike’s design, it can be in the form of baskets, locks and even helmets. Whatever the need is, you certainly need bicycle parts and bicycle accessories that are high in quality. To guide you in choosing the right parts and accessories, here are some tips that you can use.

You have to take a close look at the most important bicycle parts that you need. The first on this list are the gears, chains and the wheels. It is common sense that the bicycle will not run without these two parts. Formerly, gears and chains were made from steel.

They proved to be durable, but they were too heavy, making them hard to operate with. Manufacturers have started to produce them with alloy, a lightweight metal that provides similar strength as steel. So, when you are looking for gears and chains, make sure to ask the materials they were made from as it can affect your bike’s performance in the future. When it comes to the wheels, you just have to be sure that they will be able to withstand you and your bicycle’s weight. It is also a plus factor if the tires have good traction.

In addition to gears, chains and wheels, handlebars are bicycle parts that commonly get damaged. They are also made from steel, but carbon and alloy counterparts are now available for a lighter feel. If you want a stronger but lighter handlebar, you go for those made from titanium, but these are relatively expensive.

The next thing you would have to focus is bike accessories.

These parts are not high-priority items, they are only used to improve your bike’s appearance or boost its performance. Nonetheless, you will need accessories that will not be a nuisance to your biking experience. There are a lot of bike accessories that you can get, depending on how you will use them. For example, if you are biking on a wet terrain that can cause sprains on your feet, then you can get a fender or a mudguard. If you are most likely going to leave your bike in one place for a couple of hours, it is good to get a bike lock to prevent it from being stolen. Protective gear, such as helmets and pads are also considered as bike accessories as well.

In conclusion, the major determinants when choosing parts are strength and lightness. This would prevent the parts from breaking easily while not sacrificing the bike’s efficiency. On the other hand, when choosing accessories, you must consider the purpose of these accessories because of the wide range of options you have. Choose wisely, and take some time to research before buying bike parts and bike accessories.

Three Accessories A Children Bike Must Have

Children bikes accessories need to be child friendly and bright. Parents that value the safety of their children, get one or all of the following accessories.

The Helmet

The helmet is a critical accessory that every child needs to have. No exceptions. The amount of times that a child falls off a bike are astounding and any blow to the head could have severe repercussions later on in life. Parents should always enforce the wearing of helmet when their children are riding.

Kneepads and Elbow Pads

The knees and elbows are the most likely parts of a child's body that will get bruises and scratch and even cuts if they fall. Knee pads and elbow pads help prevent this. When the knee or elbow is hit with hard force, it can break a bone or dislocate their shoulder.

The pads used to cover these areas minimize the pressure on these regions and keep them safer for a longer period of time. If your child is riding a lot then it would be wise to get them both knee and elbow pads. You won't regret it.

Saddle Extension

Now you might be wondering why on Earth you'd want a saddle extension for your childrens bike. Well, the simple answer is... so that you can use it for a longer period of time. The fact is that young children grow much faster than older children. This is a problem if you want to buy them a childrens bike as they could quite possibly outgrow it in a year or two. However, with saddle extensions, you will be able to let them enjoy their wonderful childrens bike for a few more years at least.

 This will prevent parents buying new kids bikes every 18 months.

These accessories are the most important ones you should focus. There are also pitfalls and these accessories help you avoid them.



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Bajaj Avenger

The Avenger is Bajaj's offering for all the fans of cruiser motorcycles of the country. It has got killing handsome looks and an excellent displacement and thuds through the road with full power. It is also the first cruiser manufactured by an Indian company and stands in competition with the likes of Yamaha Enticer and Kawasaki Eliminator.

Looks and Design

The Bajaj Avenger is a low rise cruiser with a chrome body and stylish looks. A set out front wheel, passenger back rest, broad seat and a big fuel tank add to the macho looks. The total appeal of the Avenger is no less than that of a Harley Davidson when it comes to looks.

Key Features

A 180cc four stroke engine reaches 16.5 bhp/12.15 kw @ 8000rpm and the torque is also very good making the motor cycle a powerful machine to ride on. The Avenger also comes with the ExausTEC technology of Bajaj that results in a fuel efficient, fast and powerful performance.

Other Features

A tubular double cradle with rectangular swing and the longest wheel base of the segment give the Avenger a very sporty look. It has front disk brakes while drum brakes for the rear.

Final Verdict

If you are a cruiser lover and can not lay your hands on more serious ones like a Harley or Vulcan then the Avenger bikes will be a good choice. Although you do feel pinched by the absence of rear disk brakes and can face minor problems while riding it in heavy traffic.

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Bajaj Pulsar 220 Cc

Bajaj bikes are popularly called for its great mileage and are fancied by the young and speedy. The company has launched the various bikes in the Indian two wheeler market and some of Bajaj Bikes have been proven the best bikes ever. The amazing collection from Bajaj Bikes in India are Bajaj Platina Bajaj Discover Bajaj Avenger Bajaj XCD Bajaj Pulsar Bajaj Kristal. These all Bajaj bikes in India are well known for its pleasure driving and mileage.

It's one of the bike has made the remarkable and unforgettable position in the Indian two wheeler market that is Bajaj Pulsar. This Bajaj Pulsar bike is available in four variants in India such as 220 cc, 180 cc, 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi and new 135 cc. Bajaj Motors offers the vibrant colors in Bajaj Pulsar to attract the more consumers. It is the good option for those who are seeking for the lively colors and want to look different in the crowd.

Bajaj Bikes launches its 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi to catch the attention of the premium segment bike buyers in India bike market. From the date of it's launched the Bajaj Pulsar has constantly gaining the popularity among the Indian bike consumers. After the great success of the 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi. It has launched its more upgraded models with improved fuel efficiency and more power engine. Now the Bajaj Pulsar in India is fitted by the 35cc, 180cc and 220cc engine which provides excellent acceleration and high engine performance.

The Bajaj Pulsar 135 cc is the first bike equipped with 4-Valve DTS-i technology which is designed for better engine performance in comparison to equivalent 2-valve engine. It's stylish and sporty look with comfy seats, power and wider tyres attracts the youth specially the college going guys. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc is powered by the 4-stroke, DTS-i, air-cooled and oil-cooled petrol engine which generate 21.04PS of maximum power.

At last we can say that the Bajaj bikes use the innovative technology in Bajaj Pulsar which is loaded with the advanced and comfy features such as digital Fuel Gauge, Self-Start, Tacho-Meter, Digital Trip-Meter and Speedometer, Low-Fuel Indicator, Low-Oil Indicator, Low Battery Indicator, Wide and Comfortable Step-Up seats. The Bajaj Pulsar is getting the tough competition from the brands like Hero Honda Hunk, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, TVS Apache, Yamaha FZ-16, Yamaha FZS and Yamaha Fazer but still the Bajaj Pulsar is doing well and offering the excellence performance and service.

Aprilia to bring naked TUONO V4 R in India

Aprilia is an Italian company which is one of the largest bike manufacturing company in the world. Aprilia has now targeted the Indian market to rule with the Aprilia TUONO V4 R. Aprilia already launched the Aprilia TUONO V4 R by making some changes. now this company is launching Aprilia TUONO V4 R in to the Indian market. Aprilia TUONO V4 R price in India around Rs.20,00,000. the price matches with the performance of the bike. Aprilia TUONO V4 R features are stupendous. The dynamic design of this racing bike will surely attract the guanine bike lovers who want to rule the roads or tracks or sport. The Aprilia TUONO V4 R also giving options to select at the ignition with the three selectable options of road, track, sport. Lubrication system of the bike is oil radiator with two oil pumps.

Aprilia TUONO V4 R clutch works with slipper clutch and Aprilia quick shift System which will give more comfort on shifting the gears. Aprilia TUONO V4 R is expecting to come with different colors like dark yellow, grey, black. The Aprilia TUONO V4 R pictures are presented on the internet. This model has inherited the exhaust system with bypass valve from Aprilia RSV4 R. Aprilia RSV4 Factory manufactured this particular technology. The bike will definitely compete with Yamaha R1 and Honda CBR 1000RR. Aprilia TUONO V4 R uploaded with high profile engine of 999.6cc with V4 cylinder of four stroke oil and air cooled technology with six top speed gears. With all these the massive engine can able to produce the maximum power of 162 hp at 11000rpm and can able to produce maximum torque of 110 Nm at just 9000 rpm. The dimensions of the racing bike are 2065x800x1090mm. Aprilia TUONO V4 R is expecting to coming with 183kgs with ground clearance of 125mm with 17 Ltrs fuel tank. The wheel base of 1445mm will give good road grip. res:


Ducati Motorcycle Parts Are For Everyone

Ducati Fairings a number of motorcycles that are ideal for everybody from casual riders to professional racers. Their current type of bikes includes the super-popular Superbike 1098. This 2007 model continues to be created for performance on the highway as well as on the racetrack. Other models within the Ducati line range from the Desmosedici RR, Monster and Sportclassic.

Additionally to some superior type of motorcycles like Jake Wand, Ducati offers an excellent type of add-ons. These add-ons include products like racing bike upgrades, exhaust pipe upgrades, exhaust upgrades, wheel upgrades and bike covers. Ducati offer an array of apparel. Their apparel line includes headgear, caps, t shirts and racing gear.These add-ons include products like racing bike upgrades, exhaust pipe upgrades, exhaust upgrades, wheel upgrades and bike covers.

Ducati offer an array of apparel. Their apparel line includes headgear, caps, t shirts and racing gear.

You will find lots of methods to get hold of Ducati Motorcycle Parts and add-ons. The very first strategy is to go to an area Ducati dealer. Here you will discover new and remanufactured parts for the bike. Without having a Ducati dealer in your town you'll be able to order from the Ducati company. If you are using this process for searching for motorcycle parts you'll have use of upgrade kits, racing gear and approved parts, according to Jake Wand.The very first strategy is to go to an area Ducati dealer. Here you will discover new and remanufactured parts for the bike. Without having a Ducati dealer in your town you'll be able to order from the Ducati company. If you are using this process for searching for motorcycle parts you'll have use of upgrade kits, racing gear and approved parts, according to Jake Wand.

Thank you for visiting, where you will find thousands of Motorcycle Parts and auto parts offered at incredible wholesale prices. Our business was start from Ebay.we sells motorcycle parts and Motorcycle Fairings on Ebay since 2008,we have served thousands of motorcycle rider worldwide and get thousands of good review.During these years we have acquired a lot of motorcycle parts selling experience and cooperate with many parts factory to ensure our service and products can outstanding.

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Ducati Superbike 848 Evo

Ducati one of the leading two wheeler manufacturing company has launched many bikes that has got good response from the customers from all over the world. The company is presently on the way to launch its new model which is Ducati Superbike 848 EVO. The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO is already displayed at the showroom in Mumbai. The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO is to be launched in the month of April, 2011. The Ducati Company is presently busy in the launching o site new model. This particular bike is the most awaited bike of the year.

The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO comes with many exciting features. The extraordinary features of the bike makes the bike lovers go crazy about the bike. The first and the foremost thing about this bike is its look. Like every time, Ducati has given a superb look to the bike. The design and structure given to the bike will definitely make any person go mad. The headlamps of the bike are integrated with good halogen bulbs for good focus on the Indian roads. The tail light is also given a different look which looks superb. The fuel tank and the seat arrangement are done in a very perfect manner. The rider will experience good comfort on the seats of the bike. The bike is available in red (red/black), Dark stealth (racing black/ black).

The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO bikes specifications are very clear. This bike is a superbike with a four stroke engine. The bike is well equipped with a monster engine which generates a power of 140 HP at 10500rpm. The displacement that is produced by the engine of the bike is 849.40ccm. The compression ratio of the bike is about 13.2:1. The bike is having injection fuel system. It is enabled with Marelli electronic fuel injection. The engine is of liquid cooling type. The bike is having 6 gears which provide smooth drive on the road. The front suspension and the rear suspension system are totally different which provides good comfort to the riders. The front brake contains two discs and the rear brakes contains single disc. The bike comes with 2 years of factory warranty. The fuel capacity of the tank is 15.50 liters.

The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO price in India will be around Rs. 13, 94, 800. The price will match the performance level of the superbike. The Ducati Superbike 848 EVO is supposed to get good response from the Indian customers.

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If you are looking for the best quality spin bike on the market today, there are several brands which you must consider, and several different price ranges you can choose from, in order to get quality spinning bikes. There are several stationary bike brands which you can select when you shop from our extensive site, You are going to find great brand names from Trec, Schwinn, Star Trac, and several other company names which all bikers are familiar with, which will offer the best quality ride, and the most comfortable ridding experience. No matter what style of bike you are looking for, and no matter what teaching style you use during your class, you are going to find the ultimate selection in bikes for you, and your students.

When considering bikes, you must not only consider the brand name and price, but you must take into consideration the bikes which offer the best spin class experience, and the bike which will give the teacher, and students, the best workout they are looking for. You must also consider bikes which can be used by all height and weight classes, in the event that you have a diversified class of spinning students.

Whether you are a professional bike rider, or just like getting a great workout at the gym, choosing the right exercise bike for your workout and training will really go a long way in making you a better rider when competitions roll around. Whether you are training for a triathlon, a long distance bike race, or any other big event you may have coming up, choosing the right indoor cycling bikes to train on, will give you a competitive edge once your big race comes along. Or, if you are just the person who is trying to shed some weight, or just really want to get in a great workout, which will really challenge you, the right stationary bike can really offer you that challenge, and the perfect riding experience you are going for. No matter what kind of bikes you are looking for, or, what kind of training you need to do, you are going to want to shop at for the ultimate selection in quality, durability, and strength for your indoor training bikes. You will find the largest selection, the best prices, and the most well-known and best built bikes in the industry today, for all riders, and all biking needs.

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Info Of The Ducati 916 Motorcycle

The Ducati 916 is an Italian sports motorcycle manufactured by Ducati from 1994 to 1998. In contrast to Japanese inline four-cylinder competitors of the time, its V-twin engine produced less outright power, but a more even torque spread. The 916 model was replaced by the 996 model in 1999. The first development of the 916 model family can be traced back to the development of the four-valve Ducati engine, the Desmoquattro, through the development and racing of the earlier Pantah models, to the road-going 851 and 888 models. The chief designer of Ducati motorcycles since the 1970s was the late Fabio Taglioni (1920–2001). He introduced the Pantah in 1979; its engine was updated in the 1990s in the SuperSport series and all modern Ducati engines are derivatives of the Pantah, which employed a set of revolving cams to actuate the engine's valves , called desmodromic.

Taglioni, did not, however, have an interest in four-valve head engines, and so this was left to his successor. The eight-valve V-twin was the work of Taglioni's successor, Massimo Bordi.

Making its debut in 1994, the Ducati 916 was admired because of its new design and outstanding technical features. Designed by Massimo Tamburini and Sergio Robbiano and his team at the Cagiva Research Centre in San Marino, the 916's water-cooled engine was a revision its predecessor, the 888, with larger displacement, a new engine management system, on an overall smaller motorcycle with a chrome-moly trellis frame (which was shared with the Ducati 748 in 1995 and beyond). This was accomplished by increasing the crankshaft stroke from 64 mm to 66 mm. Using the same 94 mm bore size as the 888 resulted in a capacity of 916 cc - although by the time the 916 was introduced the final 851/888 Corse engines had also had their bore sizes increased to 96 mm resulting in 'race only' capacities of 926 cc and 955 cc respectively. This combined with a striking new bodywork that featured aggressive lines. It was later replaced by the 996 and 998 with similar design but revised engines and even more power.

Design of the Ducati 916 was a balance between function and form: The single-sided swingarm was beautiful, but designed to make wheel changes faster during races; The underseat exhausts improve aerodynamic performance, and resultantly gave very clean lines. This feature was initially introduced on the Honda NR, and although Ducati was not the first, it has remained one of the trademark features of 916 line.Massimo Tamburini went on to design the MV Agusta F4, the bike which is seen as his replacement for the 916 range, and it shares many similarities with the 916 especially in the tail section. Both of these Tamburini designs were featured in the Guggenheim Museum's 1998 The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.

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Get Best Bike Accessories Catalog Online

Its no matter which bike you have. We will serve you with dirt bike accessories, Motorcycle accessories, Sport bike accessories, Street bike accessories, Sport bike parts and Street bike parts of all the major brands like Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj Auto, Kinetic, Royal Enfield and many more. We are specialist in serving you best quality of, Motorcycle accessories like: Motorcycle mirrors, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle windshields, motorcycle tail light, Motorcycle led turns signal, Motorcycle frame sliders, Motorcycle levers, Motorcycle grip, Motorcycle windscreen, Motorcycle tank pads, Motorcycle foot pegs, Harley Davidson parts: Motorcycle air cleaners and Harley Motorcycle sissy bars and motorcycle tail light as per your requirement any priority of brand choice.

We have large warehouse for accessories thats make us to complete our order on time with qualitative service. We ensure you that your long ride will be enjoyable. we will serve you with best price from major manufacturers in Kuryakyn,Show Chrome,Cobra USA,Baron Custom Accessories,Memphis Shades,Mustang,National Cycle,Vance & Hines, and more. All manufactures produce qualitative product that gives your bike a good pick up and speed.

Some of Motorcycle accessories available with us for all types of Motorcycles like: Moped, dual sports, endure, super motard, scooters, Sport bikes, Cruisers, Choppers, Street Custom, Touring motorcycles,
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What?s the best Motorcycle Exhaust for your bike

The type of motorcycle exhaust that you buy for your bike will depend on a number of factors.  If you want to get the maximum amount of performance out of the bike and regularly use the bike on a race track then custom exhausts that are designed for power and performance will be high on your list of requirements.  
If, however, you simply want to replace the existing Motorcycle Exhaust on your road bike a traditional rolled out exhaust would make the better choice.  Either way whatever type of Motorcycle Exhaust that you choose there is one common denominator you should be looking for and that’s the quality of the materials that the product is made out of.
The finest Motorcycle Exhaust is made out of stainless steel materials anything less and you are asking for trouble.  Invest in a stainless steel Motorcycle Exhaust and except a lifetime guarantee as standard.

Why go for stainless custom exhausts?
Well apart from looking and sounding amazing a stainless steel motorcycle exhaust represents fabulous value for money.  Imagine fitting a part to your bike that you know is going to last for ever?  You never have to pay for replacement Motorcycle Exhaust for as long as you have the bike, it’s as simple as that.  
Fit a stainless steel Motorcycle Exhaust to your Yamaha or Ducati and it’s totally road legal, looks the business and offers unbelievable performance levels.  Made in the UK to exacting industry standards your new Motorcycle Exhaust is simply going to provide you with many years of pleasure.
The message is simple. Invest in the best and go for a stainless steel Motorcycle Exhaust when you want to replace the cans on your bike.
Aren’t custom exhausts expensive?
Not necessarily.  You pay for what you get with a motorcycle exhaust.  Sure you could buy a budget brand of Motorcycle Exhaust but how long will it last? A cheap Motorcycle Exhaust might need replacing a few months down the line and how annoying would that be?  
Fit a stainless steel Motorcycle Exhaust and that’s one less thing for you to worry about.  Okay, you might pay a little more for a stainless Motorcycle Exhaust to begin with but it’ll last the lifetime of the bike thus proving to be a brilliant buy. Plus if you buy a stainless Motorcycle Exhaust that has removable baffles you get the best of both worlds with a feature that’s totally road legal but comes alive come race day.
Custom exhausts aren’t expensive not when you consider how much you are getting for the price.

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Motorized bikes, the future of transportation

The concept of Motorized bikes is not very new but it is gaining lot of popularity with time. With the rise in the prices of fuel, the concept of Motorized bikes seems to be excellent. These bikes are the future of transportation and a way of calling attention to "green living". They will not only reduce the cost of transportation but will also save a lot of money in the long run.

Instead of getting your car out for visiting a store near you, you can use Motorized bikes and travel without thinking about spending money on fuel. Another interesting thing is that you can easily turn your normal bicycle into a Motorized bike by adding a motor to it. It is not very hard to convert the bicycle all you need to do is get an engine and some tools. An engine will cost you a few dollars and all you need to do is to fix it using common tools.

However you need to consider a few things before you buy motorized bikes or convert your bicycle into one.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is how much you are going to use the Motorized bikes. Do you want to ride it as a hobby or you want to ride it to work? What is the terrain of the area you live in? Is it flat or hilly? You need to ask yourself these questions before you take a decision as it will affect your choice. 

Another thing that you will have to decide is what type of engine you want. There are options like belt drives, friction drives and chain drives.  Each of these has its own positives and negatives. The most secure ones are chain drives as they will work just like normal bikes. Friction drives are also a nice option as they are very sturdy.

The same is with belt drivers, even though both belt and friction drivers slip in wet weather.

Depending on the size of the engine you will be able to speed up to 20 to 40 miles per hour. That might not sound a lot but when you are riding a bike it is pretty fast! Finally get to know about rules regarding the engine size of Motorized bikes in your area however if the engine size is less than 50cc you can use it without a license.  Once you are done with all this just buy one for yourself and for family members and ride away!

Honda's Challenge

Known as the Honda Integra around the world, the Acura Integra has been a popular Japanese automobile since 1985. The line was discontinued in 2007, and it included numerous modifications in the base model during the years it was produced. The Acura headquarters were based out of Sayama, Japan and its compact size and low cost made it very popular with consumers worldwide. Acura offered the Integra as their answer to other automakers comparable models that were released during the 1980s and 1990s. It was also Honda's answer to the Honda Quints replacement.

The first generation of the Integra was released from 1986 through 1989. It was offered as a three door and five door hatchbacks with a 1.6 liter engine that was 4 cylinder, 16 valve. It came in a five speed manual and four speed automatic. In Japan the car was considered a mid-size vehicle, with dimensions at 168.7 inches in length for the three door and 171.5 inches in length for the five door.

Both models were 65.6 inches in width and 50.8 inches high.

During the four years the first generation of the Integra was sold, consumers bought 228,000 units. The car's features were extremely attractive to the consumer, and the fact that it came with two different D16A1 engines made it even more desirable. The engines - known as Blacktop and Brown - were named based on the color or their valves. The Brown engines had less power and torque than the Blacktop engines.

The second generation of the Acura Integra was released from 1990 to 1993. The length of the vehicle was extended out to 172.8 inches for the hatchback model and the new sedan model was 176.6 inches in length. The models released in the 1990 model year were 67.4 inches wide and it was expanded to 67.5 inches wide for the 1991 through 1993 model years.

The height of the vehicle was also raised to 52.2 inches during the second generation release and the engine for the 80s model had a 50 liter capacity.

In 1994 when the third generation of the Integra was released it came with a VTEC system that had an engine capable of 8000 rpm of torque. It included a sun roof and DB2 chassis code. The car became as popular as the Acura RSX and it was voted by Evo magazine as the best front wheel drive vehicle in 2006.

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Types of Motorcycles - Ducati and Harley Davidson

When it comes to motorbikes, can you differentiate your Ducati from Harley Davidson? If you are new to the motorcycle segment then it is very obvious that you would be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Your decision of choosing a particular bike for yourself will depend on the type of riding that you indulge in, how often you need to use the bike and the amount that you want to spend for acquiring it, meaning your budget. You need to ask yourself questions relating to these if you are planning to purchase a motorbike.

The first kind of bike is the sports bike. These bikes, although being extremely powerful, are still made legal for the public streets because they are just a step away from those powerful full-fledged race bikes.

Some modifications are made to these sports bikes in order to make them safer for public roads. Because these bikes are built for speed therefore their shapes would definitely be different from the shapes of regular bikes and the rider needs to be in a ‘tucked’ position. However, if you are looking for something that is suitable for long distance riding then you should stay away from sports bikes.

Touring bikes or full dressers or simply dressers are bikes that are meant for the purpose of long distance riding. The engines of these bikes are comparatively more silent and the seats are extremely plush so as to make the long distance ride easier and more comfortable. This kind of bike has large fairings, which prevents fatigue in drivers and it also provides a good protection against the wind. These bikes come with airbags, radios, mp3 players, trip navigation computers and a number of other gadgets meant to enhance the driving experience.

Standard bikes are the ‘jack-of-all-trade’ kind of bike because they are not just meant to perform one particular function but a series of operations. These bikes, although not as powerful as sports bikes, are still considered to be fun enough to ride on country roads. Carrying a small load is usually possible with this kind of bike. Bikes that comes under the category of ‘standard bikes’ usually require the driver to ride in an up-right position and its ergonomics are quite friendly too. These bikes are perfect as commuter bikes.

If you are a daredevil kind of person and you want to purchase an adventurer’s bike then your best bet would be a dual sport motorcycle. These are great for the highways because they have extremely large mirrors, gauges and gas tank. Also, their tires are designed in such a way that they can put up with dirt and uneven terrain for a long time. Since these are extremely tough they are quite reliable and this is a safety feature in itself.

Cruisers are meant for long distance riding and the motors of these bikes have a lot of low-end torque. These bikes are sort of heavy and so they don’t have good cornering clearance. However they are comfortable and quite easy to ride."

So, now that you are aware of various kinds of bikes, you can go ahead and choose one that would suit your needs.

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The Best Bang For Your Buck Pocket Bike Mods

I always see alot of questions similar in nature to "Will this setup work with my bike?", "What parts should I buy?", "How much will this increase my power?" from newbies entering the sport, so I have decided to make a list of what pocket bike performance parts are best for your bike.

This list is for people on a low budget and also applies to those that have a bit of money to spend as well. It will be set out in the format "Budget Mods", "Average Mods" and "Serious Tuner". Be advised that all CAG engines are different and performance increases vary on each bike. This guide should help you spend your money more wisely on the right modifications to get your bike going at it's full potential with the money you have to spend.

The pocket bike modifications listed are all available in Australia, but may need some looking around for. The prices listed next to each part is the general recommended retail price, please do not use this as a buying guide as prices will vary from different suppliers. Make sure to shop around for better prices, and also check with the supplier that these parts will fit your style of pocket bike.

Budget Mods:

Timing Key - Increases your engines timing by 10 degrees, cheap and VERY effective part, But please note this increases performance on some engines, but can also decrease performance in others, it depends what your timing is set at in the factory. (RRP $20)

Fibreglass Reeds - Replace your stock metal reed with a high performance Fibreglass one. Fibreglass reeds allow more and faster fuel into the carb, this resulting in a faster burning of fuel, which increases low, mid and top end power. (RRP $20-$30)

Performance Air Filter and V Stack - If your bike came with a black air cleaner instead of an air filter, its losing potential power, by adding a high performance air filter and vstack your allowing more and faster air into your engine, which will increase performance and engine life. (RRP $30-$40)

Hi Flow Fuel Filter - This is not a performance mod but it is one of the most important things that should be considered when buying modifications, If your fuel line does not have a fuel filter, there is a very good chance that dirt or foreign objects have got inside your fuel and are now blocking your carb. By installing this cheap modification it protects your engine from harm by dirt, plastic, etc. It is a must for every bike . (RRP $7-$15)

HP Clutch Springs - All CAGS come with 3 shoe clutches, the major let down with these clucthes are the springs. A good set of HP clutch springs will make your acceleration alot better over stock and coming out of coners etc, you will have alot more power. A good cheap investment. (RRP $15-$25)

These mods are a very good starting point to modifying, these parts can be fitted if you have general engine knoweldge or instructions. The flywheel, clutch and carb must all be removed to install these mods, if in doubt you can take your bike to a pocket bike repair shop and they would gladly install them for a cheap fee.

Average Mods:

Fatboy Exhaust and Tank - This exhaust system is an awesome upgrade over the stock exhaust, many winning pocket bike racers around the world use this exhaust and swear by it. It's a very cheap upgrade and will really open up your engine, the Fatboy Exhaust is that big, it comes with a smaller fuel tank so the pipe can fit. (RRP $90-$160)

High Performance Carb - The stock CAG carb is only 12.88mm by upgrading to a larger carb etc. 14/14 or WT-603 which are the most popular choices in carbs when it comes to racing you increase your engines performance all round by allowing more fuel and air to get burnt and this will increase your low, mid and top end power. (RRP $90-$160)

Heavy Duty 2 Shoe Clutch - A 2 shoe clutch is better for light people, once it gets going its awesome alot better than a 3 shoe clutch with springs, the only down side to this modification is you must adjust the springs perfect for when the clutch engages. (RRP $40-$70)

High Performance Piston Rings - HP Piston Rings Offer more compression and are a good cheap investment, will give a small increase in power. (RRP $10-$20)

Lightened Piston - A lightened piston is alot better than the stock piston and is alot better quality, will give a small increase in power. (RRP $30-$50)

Ported Cylinder - Getting a cylinder ported to your engine is one of the most important mods that can be done, a cylinder with boost ports, larger exhaust ports and the correct squish set, will give an insane power increase, Very good for the money. (RRP $80-$90)

These mods are for the more experienced racer that can handle alot more power over stock, these parts will be best installed by a shop rather than risk doing it your self. You will be amazed at the power increase.

Serious Tuner:

2 Peice High Compression Headkit - A headkit consists of a cylinder, piston, extra cooling plate, a high quality spark plug and some even with a changeable compression dome, This is where your engine gets insane power, by increasing it to a 49cc not a 40cc like most CAG's. A head kit tuned to the rest of the engine correctly is the best value for money product. (RRP $100-$400)

Full Circle Stroker Crank - A full circle stroker is best suited to an engine wit a headkit. Installing a full circle stroker crank (FCSC) will make your bike a 52cc but to get this going perfect the crank must be balanced to your piston. This is done by experienced pocket bike shops, once you install the FCSC you will never want to ride a bike with a half circle crank again. (RRP $110-$130)

4 Petal Reed Cage - Allows alot more and faster fuel into your engine with 2 dual reed sections allowing for 4 reeds, this gives you improved fuel flow and power throughout low, mid and top end. You will not be dissapointed: (RRP $120-$200)

Zocchi CAG Race Pipe - Hand made italian race exhaust, cannot go wrong here will run absolutley awesome with a headkit and a good carb. Awesome power increase from low, mid and top end. (RRP $160-$200)

The real art to serious performance upgardes is getting your engine made to run perfect with the modifications. This is achieved with the correct porting and tuning. If the above modifications are ran with all of the average mods and a timing key, you will have an insaneley powerful machine. They will easily add 20 km/h to your top end with stock gearing. Also be advised while adding these mods a final gear change will be needed to get the most out of the modifications. If your engine is tuned and ported correctly you will be keeping up easily with stock watercooled pocket bikes, if not beating them. With all of these mods, they are not made just to be fitted onto your bike. The best thing you could do is to take it to your local pocket bike repair or performance shop and get them to fit everything correctly and tune the engine to the modifications, then it's just a matter of holding on :)

Mini Bike Modification Guide

It is common these days to see mini bikes being sold in stores already with performance parts fitted, such as K&N style air filters and performance exhausts, however there is always still more work to be done to these bikes.

They are incredible easy to work on and with such a basic engine the only knowledge needed to work on them is knowing how to use a spanner or a screwdriver.

Here is a list of modifications recommended in order to increase the overall power of the bike, as well as improving the handling and feel of the bike.

It would be an idea to start modifying the mini bike with the larger mods, as with these more performance is gained for the money spent. The biggest modification which can be done to a Mini bike is to get it bored out to a larger engine displacement. Most of these bikes will come with a 47cc (which is actually only 39cc). These engines can be bored out with a racing kit to 49cc. This will improve the power of the engine due to the larger displacement, improving acceleration and top end.

If the mini bike is already 49cc there are kits for sale which take the engine up to 58cc again having the same effects as before.

The next modification it would be wise to make to the mini bike is with a performance exhaust, these come in many makes and models and each style will have a different output to the next, so it is best to look around before jumping in and buying one straight away.

These exhausts work as they have an expansion chamber, which improves performance on any 2-stroke engine. These exhausts are not usually over expensive; the cheaper systems can be bought for under £50, and go up to over £200 for the more expensive systems. These are great bolt on performance parts, and can improve the acceleration of the bike with higher low and mid range revs, whilst increasing top end by up to 10 mph.

These exhausts will really benefit the bike if it has been bored out as well and the difference in performance will be evidently noticeable.

The next modification which could be made to the carburettor, and increasing air flow through the bike. Firstly, add a free flow air filter,(K&N style ones). This will mean the bike can take in more air, and the rule of thumb for any engine is - increased air intake + increased fuel flow = increased BHP.

Therefore this part will help with the performance of the bike, however if an air filter is fitted then the carb will need to be up jetted in order to cope with the extra air, performance is likely to decrease if these changes aren't made. Buying new jets for the mini bike increases performance as these jets will allow more fuel to be sent through the carburettor. Tuning will need to be done with this to get the air:fuel ratio correct.

It is recommended that if modifying the air and fuel intake of the engine that a carb upgrade is purchased. The standard carburettors in these bikes do not have as many adjustment screws as the performance carbs and therefore cannot be tuned as highly, and the performance benefits will not be as evident.

With these changes the bike should have better throttle response with better acceleration and also higher top end speed. This works very well with the performance exhaust and the extra performance with the bike should be easily recognisable.

Once the Mini bike has been up jetted and a free flow filter and new carb have been fitted then it is time to make some smaller adjustments to fine-tune the bike.

The next adjustment which could be made to the bike would be to add a rocket key, this allows the bikes timing to be improved for pulling away and accelerating, meaning that the throttle response and acceleration will be improved.

It is also likely that the gearing of the bike will need to be changed depending on where it is used. This is mainly done through different sized sprockets, and this will be changed depending on how the rider wants the bike to perform

If a larger sprocket is put on the front or rear of the bike then the top end will be improved whilst making accelerating slightly slower, however if the Mini bike is fitted with smaller sprockets then the acceleration will be improved whilst losing some top end. These sprockets can be changed depending on what track is being raced on.

Due to the modifications made to the bike to improve performance, some other changes will need to be made to the bike so it can cope with the extra power and maintain that good performance. Items such as an NGK spark plug or similar could be used. The standard plugs in Mini bikes are not very reliable and will not be able to cope with the power the bike is producing.

Also doing this will improve the starting of the bike as well as keeping the bike performing at its best all the time. Whilst changing this is it also a good idea to change the lead and coil going to the spark plug for maximum benefits.

Another aspect of the Mini bikes which could be tuned is the clutch system. The clutches on the bikes are automatic centrifugal clutches, which will wear very quickly if modifications are made to the bike. It is advisable to upgrade the clutch to a heavy duty clutch with heavy duty springs, these will last a lot longer and also can improve acceleration and throttle response of the bike.

With all this power now added to the bike it is advisable that you make changes to the brake systems on these bikes. Most of them come with half descent disk brakes anyway but upgrading the brakes may be a good idea, imagine racing around a track doing over 50 mph, and then coming to brake and the brakes just ain't man enough to handle the speed, this is why this change is recommended.

Once all this is done the bike will have been modified a great deal without going too mechanically into it and the extra performance of the bike will leave other bikes standing.

Pit Bike Modification Guide

Firstly these bikes have many restrictive components which mean that the pit bike can not perform at its best all the time. The most restrictive parts on these bikes are the carburettor and the manifold. A carb can be picked up for as little as £40-£50 which is a bargain for the potential power it could give you, and when you have purchased the carb it would be good to invest in a performance air filter, which allows more air to flow into the engine which equals more horsepower!

Next it would be an idea to change the exhaust to a performance exhaust, this combined with the carb and air filter will mean great power gains. Exhausts can be bought for around £50 off some websites but then again some of these exhausts retail at hundreds of pounds so be sure to shop around before making your purchase.

These two modifications will add low to mid range torque with a good benefit to the top end of the bike and a small increase in overall horsepower.

In a lot of pit bikes there is usually a restrictor in the CDI unit, these are often limited to around 8,500 rpm, if a performance CDI unit is purchased then this will be increased to 10,000 rpm meaning a smoother and more powerful acceleration curve and a higher peak meaning better top end as well.

Adjustments can be made to the gearing of the bike as well, in order for you to adjust this depending on the style of track you will be riding on. If you want to make adjustments to the gearing of the bike the best thing to do will be to change the sprockets. Standard sprockets are usually 14 tooth on the front, with a 37-40 tooth sprockets on the back.

Changing the front sprocket with a larger one will result in better top end, and a smaller rear sprocket will have the same effect, however acceleration will be lost when top end is gained and vice versa.

Marc Wilton, I have been riding mini motos for around two years now and am currently an editor for the website minimotosgo

For more information on modifying pit bikes, or for details of parts for sale which will increase the power of your pit bike then visit and take a look for yourself.