How to Bleed Your Motor Bike's Brakes With More Success

The first time I decided to strip down the front brakes on my Honda Superdream, I thought it best to follow the manual.  I duly bought one on eBay and then set about following the instructions as carefully as possible.

All well and good, the manual was from a reputable company (famous in the UK for strip-downs of any vehicle you could mention) and most of what it said was accurate and helpful.  However, when it came to bleeding the brakes I found that the information given was hopeless.

In fact the method they suggested was in line with most other manuals and is considered by many to be the only way to bleed brake lines of air.  That said, I couldn't get it to work!  So you can see what I am referring to I will quote 

Check the level of the reservoir, and fill almost to the top.  Place a jar below the brake caliper unit and attach a clear plastic tube from the calliper bleed screw to the container so that the pipe is always immersed below the surface of the fluid.

 Unscrew the bleed screw one complete turn and pump the handlebars lever slowly.

As the fluid is ejected from the bleed screw the level in the reservoir will fall. Continue the pumping action with the lever until no further air bubbles emerge from the end of the pipe.

I won't quote any further as it was at this point that I discovered that the fluid just did not appear to flow out of the bleed nipple in the way it describes above.  The Handlebar lever continued to be spongy and I eventually decided after slowly pumping for at least 20 minutes to think of another way to clear the air from the system.

One of the key problems with motor bikes is that the brake lever is set right up on the handle bars, way above the caliper unit; unlike on a car where the pedal is on the floor, at more or less the same level as the calipers.

 This means that you are trying to force air down the brake lines, when all air wants to do is rise to the top (as it is lighter than the fluid of course).  A solution might be to remove the lever and master cylinder from the handlebars and to pump the lever from a much lower position, as close to the level of the calliper as possible.  I tried this, but because I'd had to remove the cover from the reservior to top up the liquid I managed to spill the fluid all over the place.  Not ideal, as brake fluid works as a great paint stripper!

So now to my successful method!  Rather than taking the reservoir off the handlebars, I instead undid the two bolts that secure the calliper to the fork.  Next I slid the caliper unit away from the wheel.  At this point you will probably find that your bike differs in someway from the Superdream, however you should find that it's possible to place a G-clamp (screw end) into the calliper piston.  This will only be possible if you remove the brake pads and any retaining pins etc. You may also find that there are various protective rubber skirts etc. around the piston itself.  This shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't snag these in the clamp as you turn the screw.

With the pads out of the way, I pumped the handlebar lever a few times and forced the piston much further out of the calliper unit than it would normally be able to go.  VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT do this bit with too much enthusiasm and spring the piston right out of the calliper unit (unless you intend to do a full strip down and want to replace the piston seals).  This will be very, very messy and getting the piston back into the unit will be harder than you think!  

Next, I positioned the G-Clamp (screw end) over the piston and slowly turned it until it reached the base of the piston.

Before continuing I removed the cover from the reservoir on the handlebars and then as I turned the screw I watched the air from the brake line bubble its way to the top of the reservoir.  Eventually the bubbles stopped appearing and I knew that there air had all been forced out of the system.  The piston was back in its original position and the brake pads could be pushed back into place, secured and the whole unit bolted back onto the fork.

Yes, it was a little more complicated than conventional bleeding; but, it was cleaner; no nipples to undo, no plastic pipes held under the surface of the ejected fluid, in fact, no fluid at all had to be ejected from the system.  I didn't have to pump away at the lever for ages, waiting for a sign of success.  The G-Clamp did it all.

At this point I can see that simple instructions without the story might be appropriate, so here is the simple version.

Undo the bolts that secure the calliper unit to the forks.
Slide  calliper unit away from the wheel.
Remove brake pads and retaining pins etc.
Pump the handlebar lever slowly until the piston has been pushed quite a way out of the unit (a couple of centimetres max.)
Slot a G-Clamp over the calliper unit and position the screw end over the piston.  Screw down until screw end makes contact with the base of the piston.
Remove cover from reservoir on the handlebars.
Continue screwing G-Clamp and watch the little air bubbles rising to the top of the reservoir.
When there are no more air bubbles and the piston is right back where it started your job is done.  Replace cover of reservoir; slide brake pads back into place and replace retaining pins; secure calliper unit back onto fork.

At this point I must add that I am not a mechanic and I only mess about with bikes and cars for fun.  However, having used this method I took the bike for its annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) Test, and it passed with flying colours.  Brakes super efficient and safe for the road.

Discover The Ideal Vintage Motorcycle Parts For Your Bike

Some on the internet sources cover and furnish a great deal of cheap motorcycle parts, like wholesalers, and you also can get a lot of the latest product facts as well. Aftermarket motorcycle parts are less costly and fundamental for personalized bikes. It’s possible you’ll not know it but insurance plans organizations almost routinely select identical aftermarket cheap Honda Motorcycle Parts to substitute broken bikes right after an incident. With regard to motorcycle components from Firstgear you can find quite a few to choose from and style 304 stainless metal motorbike accessories are the most sturdy, reasonable and gorgeous to take a look at.

Women' motorcycle equipment and gloves appear coming in one shade black. Everybody has their own decisions to generate, so an advancement of the decent industry of custom made motorcycle components could be one thing to look into.

The Chain Diamond set of motorcycle accessories is by far one of the most well known. A producer that makes use of resistible elements will deliver a life time guarantee to their customers.Situations at this time have adjusted several older practices and it is also valid for vintage motorcycle parts too. On the other hand, buying aftermarket cheap Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts requires a touch ability in deciding good quality. Diverse company’s aftermarket areas will differ in look and high quality. On top of that, producers have the flexibility to enhance upon the design and style and then the top quality and switch up a element so glimpse very carefully before you purchase. Superior low cost aftermarket motorbike pieces generally cannot be distinguished through the original. As well asBut, in the event you want to deviate from the normal, vintage motorcycle parts may be resorted.

Vintage motorcycle parts are a have to have within our viewpoint if you’re planning to restore an outdated bicycle.A tad heritage it’s possible you’ll not know but motorcycles have been fundamentally a sideline for that business who started out creating them, just after the treaty of Versailles banned Germany from earning arms in 1918. And so they are being increasingly common together with the ongoing overall economy at this time. Some stores promote Ducati Motorcycle Parts which can be definitely out of stock then refuse to deliver their shoppers refunds.In many elements of the world, motorcycles are among the minimum high-priced and most wide-spread kinds of motorized transportation, and so getting ahold of classic motorcycles sections to maintain their bikes running is of essence considering the fact that these elements are no for a longer period getting produced by their manufacturers.

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Bike parts and accessories for mountain bikes

To be a mountain biker is to be alive in real sense. The challenges of crossing trails, the adrenaline rush at a near miss, these all experiences are worth pursuing. If you are a mountain bike rider, you must understand what I am talking about. The type of rider you are defines the type of mountain bike you ride.

Mountain bikes offer lots of versatility and flexibility. Whatever sort of model you are looking for, you can pursue them to suit your hunt and budget. There are several types of mountain bikes. Some bikes are designed with no suspension at all. These bikes are considered to be “Rigid”. These bikes are not flexible and are ideal for trips on paved streets. Another suspension is known as “Hardtail”. These bikes come with differing suspension built into the front which is referred to as fork.

Now days, mountain bikes with differing suspension have gain momentum. And, this sort of suspension is found in almost all new bikes.

The selection of mountain bike completely depends on the type of rider you are and what are your requirements. While choosing from the massive arrays of mountain bikes, you should also be careful about choosing its accessories and parts as well. As when we buy a bike for ourselves, we ask certain question from ourselves like what are interest are, what would be our general activity with the bike, where we will driving it and so on. Similarly goes for buying mountain bike accessories. These also differ from bike to bike. You can not use the accessory of one bike into another because each part has its own functionality to offer.

If you are already a mountain bike rider, you must understand the importance of using right mountain bike accessories and parts.

The usage of particular accessories and parts vary from bike to bike. Such as, the tires of mountain bikes offers greater grip to ensure complete safety and you can not use the tires that are meant for paved streets. Without derailleurs, it is impossible to ride down hills and climb mountains. So, it need to be installed in your mountain bike. So, be cautious while choosing your mountain bike accessories and parts to experience worthwhile pursuit.

To enjoy hassle-free rides, upgrading mountain bikes at times is quite necessary. As this type of ride mainly focuses on jumps, the maintenance of these bikes should be given high importance to ensure complete safety against all potential risks.

You can surf the net to shop for the mountain bike parts and accessories online. The PushBike Factory is one such company that specializes in delivering mountain bike parts and accessories, also in case you are looking to upgrade your BMX bike or road bike, it can cater to all your needs.

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Motor Bikes

Motor bikes are the favourite of females who are just so fond of them and even the teenagers who love to ride them. It has also become a style statement for the people of rural areas. Today, whenever someone has to choose between a scooter and a bike, one just blindly prefers motor bikes. It is the easiest mean of travelling especially when it comes to driving in Delhi for instance and other metro cities as it occupies less space and can be driven easily. Vehicles are the most essential mean of transport. One cannot imagine travelling without own vehicles. Driving a motor bike is so easy that even a person aging 18 can lay hands on it. One prefers to start learning motor bikes initially and later comes on to driving cars and other heavy transport.


These type of vehicle are a boon for people as it can be driven easily can one can make long cuts without difficulty.

In peak hours, they serve as the biggest advantage on roads. These are available in various classes of weight and size, with different drive units and transmission combinations; all have exceptionally long service life and reliability even under extreme work conditions. This is the prime reason why people prefer bikes for long distance journeys in comparison to the vehicles such as cars and buses. Buying/selling motor bikes is a better choice as it suits almost every ones budgets and it can also be paid in installments as well. It has been noted that a person takes less time in commuting to the destination when driving a motor bike in comparison to a person who is driving a car. Information on buying/selling cars is available on free online classifieds. This is the site of great help and one of the biggest advantages is that the details regarding transport are available on time.


The services provided online are safe, efficient and trustworthy. free ads classifieds is the accepted websites as one can easily get the required details regarding the sale and purchase of motor bikes online. It makes the job of the user all the more easy as one can easily get the information about the types of motor bikes, different colors, models, different features, shapes and sizes, number of years it is used, kilometers it has run, average it is giving, and many more information online itself.


Insurance and tax related information is also easily available on online free classified website.


Accessories To Bring While Mountain Biking

The beginner mountain biker can get a little overwhelmed when they first walk into a bicycle store to buy their first mountain bike and all of the accessories they will need to start riding. There is no shortage of accessories and related products that you can buy.

The helmet is the most important bike accessory that you will ever buy. Nobody should be on a bicycle without a helmet.

There have been too many people with serious head injuries that could have been prevented if they were wearing a helmet. Modern mountain bike helmets are both comfortable and stylish and everyone on the trail wears one.

When you ride, your hands can take a beating. Beginners who tend to keep a death grip on the handlebars can be especially brutal on their hands.

Your hands are also one of the first things to come down to the ground when you crash and everyone crashes at some point. Mountain bike gloves are a great accessory because they take the beating for you.

The first few rides you take can be a bit uncomfortable on the rear end. Your body does adjust to this after a few rides, but bike shorts are a great accessory that can help keep it to a minimum.

Fortunately, the days of the tight fitting Lycra mountain bike shorts are over. You can still buy them and some racers still use them but the more comfortable padded bike shorts of today look and feel much more casual.

Mountain bike shoes will help you pedal more efficiently and keep comfortable. You need to pick the type of shoes you wear depending on the type of pedals you have and the type of riding you want to do.

If you have clip-less type pedals you will need to get some mountain bike specific shoes to accept the special cleat for your pedals. A good shoe will be durable, comfortable and should have a stiff sole for better pedaling efficiency.

You should also pick the right shoe for the terrain you will be riding in. Eye protection will protect your vision from wind, bugs, and dirt.

Something in your eye can run you right off the trail and into trouble. Eye protection such as sunglasses or clear lenses help keep your eyes free from debris as well as protect them from the wind that can cause your eyes to tear and blur your vision.

Make sure you use non-breakable lenses for safety. Bring either a water bottle with you or a Camelbak.

It is easy to let yourself get dehydrated so bring water with you and drink it on the trail to keep your body running properly as you ride. Also, bring a trail repair kit for any unexpected problems.

If you're going to be out and about, the most likely problem you'll have with your bicycle is a flat tire. Bring along another tube specific to your bicycle.

In addition to a spare tube, you'll want to carry a patch kit as well. If you're going to fix a flat tire, you'll need tire levers.

These small tools slide under your tire and help pull it off your rim so that you can remove the tube to patch it or replace it with a spare. They fit easily in your pouch or jersey pocket, and you really don't want to be without them.

Whether you carry a patch kit or spare tube, if your tire goes flat, you will need to find a way to get air back into it. That's where a nice little pump comes in.

For any number of potential fixes or adjustments you might face on the road, a multi-tool is a handy gadget that you'll want to take along no matter how short or long your ride. A multi-tool typically comes equipped with a dozen or more individual tools in various sizes, including Allen wrenches, hex bolt wrenches, screw drivers, a chain tool and more.

Tucked neatly into one small package, it's like a portable tool box for fixing your bicycle. If you have all of these accessories you should be ready to tackle the trails with all the tools necessary to get out of there.

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New Bajaj avenger

This is a cruiser bike and is built along the lines of Kawasaki Eliminator and the style and design type comes from the Bajaj Eliminator. The Bajaj Avenger is known for its style and the latest technology that it boosts of. The bike gives ultimate biking experience and comes with high stability and the popular Bajaj trademark 200cc powerful DTSI engine. The Indian roads and the Indian traffic can be handled easily by the Avenger and thus is most preferred by the youth who need to commute daily. The bike is regarded as the finest machine from the house of Bajaj, due to the powerful performance and the mileage. The Avenger gives a mileage of around 40 kmpl in city conditions and is considered as a great performer with its 200 cc engine.

Comfort and performance

The Bajaj bike is amazingly comfortable and gives you a comfortable ride for as long as you wish to stay on it.

The wheelbase is considerably long and the seating too is different as it is couch-style so as to give the rider a feet-up experience. You can almost relax and unwind on the bike, which can rejuvenate you even after passing through a hectic traffic and long drive. The hydraulic shock absorbers are the coil springs play a very important part in giving you the much needed comfort.

Regarding the performance of the Bajaj Avenger, the engine is geared with the Patented DTSI technology for better performance and optimum combustion. It is equipped with modified engine of the Pulsar 200 and delivers 12.88 KW @ 8000 rpm. Many youngsters are interested in the top speed of the bike, here the top speed can be reached up to 114 km/h and speed reaches 0 to 60 km/h in 5.18 seconds and from 0 to 100 km/h in 20.03 seconds.

Rich looks

The Bajaj Avenger is definitely attractive if looks and design are anything to go by.

The bike is steeply angled and comes with long travel front suspension, clutch and front brake levers and the rear – view mirrors are chrome finished with bar end weights. This is the main reason that the bike gets its vintage cruiser appearance. The seats are wider and come with special backrest for ultimate comfort to the passenger. Such an excellent bike and who wouldn't like to own it for the value that the bike is worth. The Bajaj Avenger price is Rs. 72,500 approximately.

Bajaj RE 60 launched!

Bajaj-Renault-Nissan joint venture has recently unveiled the much awaited Ultra Low Cost Bajaj small car named Bajaj RE 60 in Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi. The company officially displayed this much awaited unique four wheeler during the New Delhi Auto Expo 2012 to make it popular among customers. Bajaj RE 60 review indicates that the company will begin the production of the small car in the next few months at its Aurangabad factory.

The newly displayed Bajaj RE 60 Price will soon be announced that is expected fall in the same range of Tata Nano. The company will also display the Bajaj RE 60 features as well as specifications. Expectations about the newly displayed Bajaj RE 60 specifications are that it has the 100 per cent new petrol engine under than which is blessed with fuel injection, water cooled, 4 valves, twin spark technology.

Bajaj RE 60 mileage is tremendous like 35 kmpl and it generates 60g CO2 per kilometer which is impressive than current available SUV-A segment car models.

Bajaj RE 60 pictures are now available on the Internet and the beast appear fully different than available small car models in India.

Bajaj Auto, Nissan Motor Co and Renault SA joint vehicle hopes that newly displayed Bajaj RE 60 will drive venture's growth. In this joint venture Renault-Nissan will manage the sales and marketing of Bajaj RE 60 while the Bajaj will produce it at Aurangabad facility. So, the newly displayed Bajaj Small Car will soon be available to seen at the Indian roads among the a lot of rivals.

On the other hand, Some of launched popular car models in India in 2011 are New Honda City, new Tata Nano, Skoda Rapid, Hyundai Eon, Nissan Sunny, new Tata Indica Vista, Force One, New Maruti Swift, New Volkswagen Jetta, New Honda Jazz, Honda Brio, Toyota Etios Liva, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Beat diesel, Audi A6, Tata Aria 4x2, new Tata Indica Xeta, Mahindra XUV 500 etc.

"baotuan Heating" Effective End Audio Industry Breakthrough In The Top Three

April the air is fresh, flowers dotted with verdant grass, bees play in Tao Liu branches, Video The market gradually regained consciousness Purdue spring in March. Ten selection in February of March and later underwent Hands , For the whole industry has a lot of warm-up. In April we found that HC video network to drive the industry's recovery and development efforts still quite effective, others do not say, Take the most obvious for Sound Product has been recently presented in the doldrums, especially in the 2008 recession once it some manufacturers do business often lament that sound difficult, fewer people are selling less concerned, simply a part of sound corporate restructuring to save the generation of power will start other products, but there is also a most enterprises persisted, I believe that after the storms there will be a beautiful rainbow.

When the audio industry experienced a harsh winter climate slightly warmer occasion, a sudden global Financial Chill winds blowing the crisis once again, will just heat up instantly blown 708 heart broken, to be prohibitive in the end did not know the future direction of how the unexpected occurs. In this critical juncture, HC video network started with a challenge with all the common winter heating crisis Baotuan unity war. Top Ten selection of domestic audio-visual brand momentum play, hand activities, drawing more businesses to close factories. Finally in 2009 of April ushered in the rise of the real audio industry, the product concern about the ranking, ranking product supply, product Buy Top 3 in the glory of living alone audio products are top! Next, let's take a look in April 2009 the market for HC video bull market trend.

2009 4 HC Top of concern about the video market products

The picture shows the HC on April

video market major concern of the degree of audio-visual products.

The figure shows, by the attention, the top 10 products are: audio, Digital photo frame , MP3 / MP4, disc players, TV sets, headphones, amplifiers, projectors, accessories and home theater. Concerned about the degree of product rankings, we can clearly see that far ahead among the first sound, and in March it also came in fourth place, to attempt to take a great effort indeed, such changes How many people are surprised but, in fact, careful analysis is reasonable, after a while winter invasion, audio industry has been slowly coming back to the life, and constantly pick up, but the face of the upcoming Golden Week gave it add up full of opportunities, the feast of the hype and the frequent introduction of new products coupled with the surge in consumer demand, audio video products have always been the industry's leading products, this time of concern about the surge is expected, but pleasantly surprised some people came out top Daoshi . In second place is the digital photo frame, it also makes people jump change greatly astonished, still warm in March not fire, it came in ninth, digital photo frame this modern family must have "luxury "The best personal spiritual emotional communication carrier, with the birds are flying long grass and suddenly the season, rushing to the level of attainment festival was of concern to more people. With the continuous upgrading of digital cameras, camera phones, popular open to high resolution, digital photo frame first to Selling Well 1:00. In third place was MP3/MP4 Players For this product is the change he has inherited the glory of the digital photo frame, as the much younger generation of hot pet's digital products, along with the rapid rise in the impressive and visually. Remarkable to see people happy face at the same time we should think about who they replaced, which products fall into this abnormal fluctuations of the steps. We can easily find, in March finally called and Triumph "turned around" battle of the washer actually only in the fourth, "It's tragic that there are some changes, washer industry has been all the recent twists and turns, winds and waves alternating Format copyright dispute continued, the local red light so the birth of high-definition disc players, the industry is full of great instability. while still a serious decline Projector , Ranked second in the March wing, but in April it has been washed into the eighth, projector industry has been almost a year to a price war as the main strategy, but played too fierce price war for too long is not necessarily a good thing, because prices continue to decrease its quality inevitably compromised, but also face more and more full of listed brands, consumers seem slightly concerned about his fatigue, Golden Week and did not improve much attention to it, but there unabated, but can have a lot Ranking among the top 10 potential, hopefully projection industry in the next few months to dash forward again. We also see such as headphones, TV, accessories and other products Ranking, and the changes compared to last month is not very clear, keeping the original gesture. In short, the entire video industry view, or recovery, in April, gradually become warmer, more consumers begin their eyes over the product search volume increased significantly towards the development of good posture.

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Bajaj Discover

With boost in the demand for high skill engines automobile giants appear to be continuously evolving newer models to tempt the youth. Bajaj has four versions in the Pulsar section its high-end 4-stroke bike. These variants include Pulsar 180 DTSi, Pulsar 150 ES DTSi, Pulsar 200 ES DTSi and Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. It has two different versions in the Discover segment titled as Bajaj Discover 125 and the Bajaj Discover 135 models and supposes to be economy mobikes from the Bajaj.

The latest variant Discover 135cc DTS-i is the Sports version with striking Nitrox Suspension as well as front disc brakes. The appearance of the new Discover 135 cc is really attractive and hot. When it’s come to make choice of different colors, it is available in three colors include blue, red and black colors.

Bajaj Discover is little heavier as compared to its oldest model the Bajaj Discover 125cc but with enrichment in power. The new Discover 135cc has absolutely increase in power release from the time the choke is raised and its smooth and the hastening is about 60 kmph within 4 seconds and that's cool for a motorbike of this category. Bajaj Discover 135 cc has valves revised and the bore is also adjusted such that it displaces 135cc. Do you know? Bajaj transforms PS directly to horsepower. So, a 13.1 PS in Bajaj Discover gives 13 bhp.

Although, it just a secondary amplify with respect to additional cc the end outcome in terms of power is proportionately greater with an outmost torque of about 11.88 Nm relative to the 10.8 of its oldest model at similar engine speed. Apart, it is outfitted with DTS ignition, the digital CDI ignition and ExhausTEC technology that interpret into enhanced power, performance as well as fuel saving in the new Discover 135 cc version. The exhauster and the heat shield approach in matt black finish. With a wider rear tyre, the motorcycle can successfully undertake the crowded street setting. The tagged price is the bike is Rs. 50,000 that is around 300 rupees higher than its previous version. However, beside the price it comes with additional features.

Think Before Buying Used Harley Davidson Motor Bikes

For many people motor bikes are the best way of enjoying life on roads. These are the people who prefer bikes over other modes of transportation. But, it is also crucial to mention that with a change gas price many people now prefer bikes to save money. However, it doesn't really matter if you want a bike for pleasure or to save money, Harley Davidson motors should be your choice.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is an American company offering some attractively designed motorcycles. With some powerful engines Harley bikes are perfect for highway cruising. And, that's one of the reasons why you can find a lot of Harley motors running on highway in front of your car. The name, Harley bikes, is enough to make others know that you are talking about quality and high performance. It is only because of this particular reason that people don't mind buying used Harley Davidson motor bikes.

Although there is nothing like owning a new bike but it is a fact that not too many people can afford these expensive Davidson motor bikes. That's exactly the reason behind the popularity of used Harley Davidson motors. By opting for used bikes, not only can you enjoy outstanding performance but you can also get all amazing benefits at lower rates. Another reason to go for used Harley Davidson motor bikes is the availability of some old designs that are no longer under production. But, when it comes to used Harley bikes, you have to wear belt and braces before making a final decision about buying a used bike.

One of the things to keep in mind while buying used Harley bikes is the market research. What it means is that you must buy a second hand bike after knowing more about the original prices of new Harley Davidson motor bikes.

It is important because some sellers try to take advantage of your ignorance by offering a used bike at a price close to the new Davidson motors. There is no point in buying used Harley Davidson motor bikes if you have to pay the price of a new bike. So, be careful in this regard and don't get fooled by unscrupulous sellers.

Another thing you must never forget to check is the condition of a used bike. Though many bikes look good from outside but they don't come with the good engine and other internal parts. Plus, some users customize their Harley Davidson used bikes to look unique but sometimes a severe accident could be the reason behind customizations of Harley Davidson motor bikes. So, you must pay special attention to this particular point to get the best value for your money.

The fact of the matter is that Davidson bikes are extremely popular amongst all types of people. But many people can not afford these motor bikes because of high price tag. So, there remains no other choice for them to opt for used Harley bikes. But if you are buying use Harley Davidson motor bikes then you must buy it from an authentic seller.

Motorcycle History

Early milestones

Petroleum power

The inspiration for the earliest dirt bike, and arguably the first motorcycle, was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Cannstatt (since 1905 a city district of Stuttgart) in 1885. The first petroleum-powered vehicle, it was essentially a motorized bicycle, although the inventors called their invention the Reitwagen ("riding carriage"). They had not set out to create a vehicle form but to build a simple carriage for the engine, which was the focus of their endeavours.

Steam power

However, if one counts two wheels with steam propulsion as being a motorcycle, then the first one may have been American. One such machine was demonstrated at fairs and circuses in the eastern United States in 1867, built by Sylvester Howard Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

There exists an example of a Roper machine dating from 1869, but there is no patent existing and nothing proves it was a working model. It was powered by a charcoal-fired two-cylinder engine, whose connecting rods directly drive a crank on the rear wheel. The Roper machine pre-dates the invention of the safety bicycle by many years, so its chassis is based on the "boneshaker" bike.

In 1868, the French engineer Louis-Guillaume Perreaux patented a similar steam-powered vehicle, which was probably invented independent of Roper's. In this case, although a patent exists that is dated 1868, nothing indicates the invention had been operable before 1871. Nevertheless, these steam-powered vehicles were invented prior to the first petroleum-powered motorcycle.

An 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmller

The English persisted with steam powered bikes into the Edwardian period.[citation needed] Pearson and Cox was one firm that made units until the First World War.[citation needed]

First commercial products

In the decade from the late 1880s, dozens of designs and machines emerged, particularly in France, Germany and England, and soon spread to America.

During this early period of motorcycle history, there were many manufacturers since bicycle makers were adapting their designs for the new internal combustion engine.

In 1894, the Hildebrand & Wolfmller became the first motorcycle available to the public for purchase. However, only a few hundred examples of this motorcycle were ever built. Soon, as the engines became more powerful and designs outgrew the bicycle origins, the number of motorcycle-oriented producers increased.

The first known motorcycle in the United States was said to be brought to New York by a French circus performer, in 1895. It weighed about 200 lb (91 kg) and was capable of 40 mph (64 km/h) on a level surface. However, that same year, an inventor from the United States E.J. Pennington demonstrated a motorcycle of his own design in Milwaukee. Pennington claimed his machine was capable of a speed of 58 mph (93 km/h), and is credited with inventing the term "motor cycle" to describe his machine.

The 20th century

Before World War II

A 1913 FN (Fabrique National), Belgium, 4cylinders and shaft drive

In 1901 English quadricycle and bicycle maker Royal Enfield introduced its first motorcycle, with a 239 cc engine mounted in the front and driving the rear wheel through a belt. In 1898, English bicycle maker Triumph decided to extend its focus to include motorcycles, and by 1902, the company had produced its first motorcycle bicycle fitted with a Belgian-built engine. In 1903, as Triumph's motorcycle sales topped 500, the American company Harley-Davidson started producing motorcycles.

In 1904, the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, which had been founded by two former bicycle racers, designed the so-called "diamond framed" Indian Single, whose engine was built by the Aurora Firm in Illinois. The Single was made available in the deep red color that would become Indian's trademark. By then, Indian's production was up to over 500 bikes annually and would rise to 32,000, its best ever, in 1913.

During this period, experimentation and innovation were driven by the popular new sport of motorcycle racing, with its powerful incentive to produce tough, fast, reliable machines. These enhancements quickly found their way to the public machines.

A 1923 BMW R32, with a shaft-drive, boxer twin engine

Chief August Vollmer of the Berkeley, California Police Department is credited with organizing the first official Police Motorcycle Patrol in the United States in 1911. By 1914, motorcycles were no longer just bicycles with engines; they had their own technologies, although many still maintained bicycle elements, like the seats and suspension.

A pre-war Polish Sok 1000

An historic V-twin American motorcycle a 1941 Crocker

Until the First World War, Indian was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. After that, this honor went to Harley-Davidson, until 1928 when DKW took over as the largest manufacturer. BMW motorcycles came on the scene in 1923 with a shaft drive and an opposed-twin or "boxer" engine enclosed with the transmission in a single aluminum housing.

By 1931, Indian and Harley-Davidson were the only two American manufacturers producing commercial motorcycles. This two-company rivalry in the United States remained until 1953, when the Indian Motorcycle factory in Springfield, Massachusetts closed and Royal Enfield took over the Indian name.

There were over 80 different makes of motorcycle available in Britain in the 1930s, from the familiar marques like Norton, Triumph and AJS to the completely obscure, with names like New Gerrard, NUT, SOS, Chell and Whitwood, about twice as many motorcycle makes competing in the world market during the early 21st century.

In 1937, Joe Petrali set a new land speed record of 136.183 mph (219.165 km/h) on a modified Harley-Davidson 61 cubic inch (1000 cc) overhead valve-driven motorcycle. The same day, Petrali also broke the speed record for 45 cubic inch (737 cc) engine motorcycles.

In Europe, production demands, driven by the buildup to World War II, included motorcycles for military use, and BSA supplied 126,000 BSA M20 motorcycles to the British armed forces, starting in 1937 and continuing until 1950. Royal Enfield also produced motorcycles for the military, including a 125 cc lightweight motorcycle that could be dropped (in a parachute-fitted tube cage) from an aircraft.

After World War II

An original Vespa with sidecar

After the Second World War, some American veterans found a replacement for the camaraderie, excitement, danger and speed of life at war in motorcycles. Grouped into loosely organized clubs, motorcycle riders in the U.S. created a new social institutionhe motorcyclists or "bikers"hich was later skewed by the "outlaw" persona Marlon Brando portrayed in the 1954 film The Wild One.

In Europe, on the other hand, post-war motorcycle producers were more concerned with designing practical, economical transportation than the social aspects, or "biker" image. Italian designer Piaggio introduced the Vespa in 1946, which experienced immediate and widespread popularity. Imports from the UK, Italy and Germany, thus found a niche in U.S. markets that American bikes did not fill.

The BSA Group purchased Triumph Motorcycles in 1951 to become the largest producer of motorcycles in the world claiming "one in four". The German NSU was the largest manufacturer from 1955 until the 1970s when Honda became the largest manufacturer title now claimed by Indian bike firm Hero Honda, which specialises in small motorcycles throughout India and similar markets.

A 1962 Triumph Bonneville represents the popularity of British motorcycles at that time

British manufacturers Triumph, BSA, and Norton retained a dominant position in some markets until the rise of the Japanese manufacturers (led by Honda) in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The role of the motorcycle shifted in the 1960s, from the tool of a life to a toy of a lifestyle. It became part of an image, of status, a cultural icon for individualism, a prop in Hollywood B-movies.

The motorcycle also became a recreational machine for sport and leisure, a vehicle for carefree youth, not essential transportation for the mature family man or woman, and the Japanese were able to produce modern designs more quickly, more cheaply, and of better quality than their competitors. Their motorbikes were more stylish and more reliable, so the British manufacturers fell behind as mass-market producers.

The Honda Motor Co., which was officially founded in Japan on September 24, 1948, introduced their SOHC inline 4-cylinder 750 in 1969, which was inexpensive and immediately successful. It was not a high-performance bike, but it established the across-the-frame-4 engine configuration as a design with huge potential for power and performance. Despite being much more complex than any other mass-market motorcycle, it was the most reliable large motorcycle on the road.[citation needed]

Shortly after the introduction of the SOHC, Kawasaki demonstrated the potential of the four-cycle four-cylinder engine with the introduction of the KZ900. The only motorcycle that outperformed the KZ900 was another Kawasaki, the H1, a much smaller and lighter 3-cylinder, two-cycle engine.[citation needed] The H1 was prone to fouling, and was considered dangerous by many riders.[citation needed]

The Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Yamaha Motor Corporation each started producing motorcycles in the 1950s. Meanwhile, the sun was setting on British dominion over the big-displacement motorbike market.

Japanese dominance

The Honda CB750 revolutionized motorcycle marketing and was emblematic of Japanese dominance

The excellence of Japanese motorcycles caused similar effects in all "Western" markets: many Italian bike firms either went bust or only just managed to survive. As a result BMW's worldwide sales sagged in the 1960s, but came back strongly with the introduction of a completely redesigned "slash-5" series for model year 1970.

From the 1960s through the 1990s, small two-stroke motorcycles were popular worldwide, partly as a result of the East German Walter Kaaden's engine work in the 1950s, later acquired by Suzuki via stolen plans supplied by MZ rider Ernst Degner, who defected to the West on 13th September 1961 after retiring from the 125cc Swedish Grand Prix at Kristianstad.

Harley-Davidson (HD) in the U.S. at the time suffered from the same problems as the European firms, but its unique product range, American tariff laws and nationalism-driven customer loyalty allowed it to survive. One alleged flaw, however, was retaining the characteristic HD 45 engine vee-angle, which causes excess vibration as well as the loping HD sound.

A factory full fairing was introduced by BMW motorcycles in the R100RS of 1977, the first factory fairing produced in quantity. In 1980, BMW stimulated the "adventure touring" category of motorcycling with its R80G/S. In 1988, BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce anti-lock-brakes (ABS) on its sporting K100RS-SE and K1 models.

The present

A 2004 Kawasaki ZX-7RR

Today the Japanese manufacturers, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha dominate the large motorcycle industry, although Harley-Davidson still maintains a high degree of popularity, particularly in the United States.

Recent years have seen a resurgence in the popularity around the world of many other motorcycle brands, including BMW, Triumph and Ducati, and the emergence of Victory as a second successful mass-builder of big-twin American cruisers.

In November 2006, the Dutch company E.V.A. Products BV Holland announced that the first commercially available diesel-powered motorcycle, its Track T-800CDI, achieved production status. The Track T-800CDI uses a 800 cc three-cylinder Daimler Chrysler diesel engine. However, other manufacturers, including Royal Enfield, had been producing diesel-powered bikes since at least 1965.

Motorcycle traffic in Bangkok

Currently, the largest motorcycle market is the small machines market for the developing world, hence the claim from Indian Hero Honda to be the world's new biggest bike firm. India has also been the home to the Enfield Cycle Company's Royal Enfield, since 1995. Enfield India still makes updated versions of the 1955 Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

There is a large demand for small, cheap motorcycles in the "developing world", and many of the firms meeting that demand now also compete in "developed" markets, such as China's Hongdou which makes a version of Honda's venerable CG 125.

Motorcycle taxis are the developing world's limousines. Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles offer a fast, cheap and risky way around snarled traffic and scarce mass transit, as they can easily squeeze through jams.

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Further reading

Early history and use in the United Kingdom

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The Art of the Motorcycle at the Orlando Museum of Art.

The Future of Motorcycles - An Opinion - Before the future, we have to understand the past.

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Buy accessories for bike repair

Bike shops are great when it comes to helping you find the right biking accessories. Staff in many bike shops use much of the equipment they sell, so they can talk to you about what works well and will fit with your budget. When you've found a bike shop you trust, the staff can even advise you if they think that a more expensive product isn't worth the additional cost or if a cheaper product is cheaper for a reason and should be avoided.

Here are some accessories you may want to consider buying:

Helmet: For safety reasons, a helmet should be at the top of your list. The bike-shop staff can help you find a helmet that fits properly and doesn't move around on your head. They can also help you adjust the straps to fine-tune the fit. Sizing is very important. A helmet sized properly will protect you better than a 0 helmet that doesn't fit or is not adjusted properly.

Lock: If you're ever going to leave your bike alone for more than a minute or two, you'll want a lock.

The folks at your local shop can help you find a balance between a lock that's difficult to cut and one that doesn't weigh too much.

Gloves: Biking gloves will reduce vibrations and provide protection if your fall off your bike. Bike-shop staff can help you decide whether to get gel padding, full fingers, or cutoffs, and how tight the gloves should fit. They may suggest rolling your gloves off rather than pulling at the fingers (which can prematurely tear the stitching).

Bike pumps: You'll need two pumps: a mini bike pump to mount onto the frame and a larger pump to keep in the house. You may also want to consider a CO2 cartridge system for quick and easy tire inflating.

They're a little more expensive than traditional tire pumps, but they'll get you back on the road fast.

Lights: Bike lights will keep you safe if you get caught out after dark. The folks at your bike shop can offer suggestions on what types of bulbs are best for both front and rear lights, whether rechargeable batteries are the way to go, and where to mount the lights.

Computer: A computer will track statistics regarding each of your rides and provide motivation when you ride to exercise. Staff can help you decide if you need extra features such as a heart monitor, altimeter, and wireless connection.

Shoes: Biking shoes designed to work with clipless pedals will significantly improve your pedaling efficiency. Staff will advise you on whether to buy stiff road biking shoes or ones designed for walking, as well as talk to you about the best type of material and whether the shoes will work with your pedals.

Clothes: Bike clothes can keep you cool in warm weather, warm in cool weather, and dry in wet weather. Staff will help you find properly fitting clothing for the right season and provides padding and wicks moisture where you need it the most.

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Customizing Your Bike With Motorcycle Accessories

If you desire to modify the look of your motorcycle, there are a lot of motorcycle accessories that you can bring into play to make it only one of its kind. Not because you purchased a store motorcycle doesn't mean that it can't have a unique making by means of a special and exclusive accessorizing and tune ups.

Modifying the look of your bike is a grand idea though before we even arrive to that; confirm that you have the appropriate and safety equipments. You should have a quality helmet that convenes all excellent standards first. The elective security items and motorcycle accessories like gloves, leathers, pads and others might also be on your record of objects to purchase. This is good but they are measured to be more non-compulsory. A number of these products add to the ease of your travel. A comfortable ride jacket is furthermore a stylish idea, particularly in colder weather conditions.

The more you prepare to go on your new bike, the more indispensable it is for you to have a few ways of carrying your things with you. This is particularly factual if you prepare for a road trip or simply taking vacations with your bike. Add-on storage compartments, saddle bags, or a backpack of various sort at the least will be considered necessary.

Comfort is the most important concern when it comes to riding. If this is factual for you, you may crave for a custom seat. If you constantly ride alone, you'll desire one type of custom. If you frequently have a traveler aboard, a different custom may better outfit the bill. You may also desire to think about having extra pegs and a sissy bar so your passenger is more relaxed, too.

There are several items to decide from when it comes to the looks. You can simply search for fine looking stick-on decals. They create a number of unbelievable designs and they're simple to use. All of these alternatives add to a big motorcycle look.

If you do wish for customizing the look of your motorcycle, don't hurry the course of action particularly if you don't have a rock-hard diagram about what you desire to perform. Looking at the extensive diversity of opportunity is worthwhile. In addition, previous to automatically purchasing the most economical motorcycle accessories always carry out some research. Modified looks is grand, but ensure first if you are getting excellent parts.

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Bajaj Pulsar in India

After the huge of Bajaj Boxer in 100cc bikes segment, India's second largest two wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto introduced a new bike Bajaj Pulsar in 150cc segment to attract premium segment bike buyers in Indian market. And since its first launch, Bajaj Pulsar continuously doing well and it gains much popularity in Indian market. We can say it is the most successful bike in 150cc segment. After getting the huge market response for 150cc engine powered Bajaj Pulsar, the company introduced the more powerful version of this bike to target speed and thrill lovers premium bike buyers. These more powerful versions of Bajaj Pulsar are powered by the 135cc, 180cc and 220cc engine and it offers excellent acceleration and engine performance.

It's stylish and sporty look with comfy seats, power and wider tyres attracts the youth specially college going guys.

The company launched Bajaj Pulsar 135cc recently in India with competitive price to grab the 125cc to 135cc bike market.

Bajaj Pulsar is available with four variants which are powered by four different capacities engines and delivers different level of engine power and performance. Bajaj Auto uses number of innovative technology in making of Bajaj Pulsar that offers great ridability, comfort, power and impressive look. The Bajaj's own patented DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) and ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) technology increases the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the Bajaj Pulsar.

Its all Black Styling, 3D Chiseled Logo, Vertical Stack Twin Projector Headlamps, Split Seats, Clip-on Handle Bar and Large Anti-Scratch Tank Shrouds enhances the sporty and aggressive look of Bajaj Pulsar. Disc-Brakes, Wider Tyres, 12V DC, Light Alloy Wheels and Comfy Split Seats offers comfortable driving experience. From past two years the competition in this segment become more tough with the launch of new bikes in this segment like Hero Honda Hunk, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, TVS Apache, Yamaha FZ-16, Yamaha FZS and Yamaha Fazer but still Bajaj Pulsar is doing well in its segment

Bajaj Steel Self Start

Bajaj Auto is the world’s fourth largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer that offers you the remarkable range to serve the best quality and services. Company has the skilled and devoted engineering, production and marketing team that brings the huge positive response of the customers and establishes the good reputation of brand.

Bajaj bikes have been honored with various prestigious awards for their quality, performance and technology like Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja – Bike of the Year (by IMOTY), Bajaj Pulsar 135LS – Bike of the Year (ET NOW-ZigWheels), Bajaj Discover DTS-Si – 100cc Bike of the Year, Bajaj Pulsar 135LS – 150cc Bike of the Year, Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja – 250cc Bike of the Year, Bajaj Pulsar 135LS 4-V – Technology of the Year, Bajaj Discover DTS-Si – Most Value for Money –Bike of the Year, Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja – Motorcycle of the Year-Bike upto 250cc and various others.

Company makes you available with the wide range of the bikes to meet your variety of needs and demands including Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi, Bajaj Avenger, Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber, Bajaj 4S Champion, Bajaj Platina, Bajaj Wind 125, Bajaj XCD and lots more.

When it comes to the Bajaj bikes price then, you don’t need to be get worried as Bajaj bikes come with affordable price tags. The Bajaj bikes price in India starts near around Rs.36, 450 onwards and more updated price list will be easily accessible on internet.

Company is all prepared to launch some new and innovative bikes models and Bajaj Steel Self Start is one among them that has been especially designed for the rural Indian market. Bajaj Steel Self Start is the 100cc engine bike that comes fitted with 4-speed manual gear box and analogue ignition. There is nothing extravagant with its design, which is resembles like the traditionally designed Bajaj Boxer. It has got telescopic forks at its front and spring suspension at rear side.

Bajaj Steel Self Start proves to be the perfect middle class commuter for the people who aspiring to experience the powerful ride within their limited budget. The Bajaj Steel Self Start price is expected to fall in between Rs.30, 000 to Rs.40, 000.

In order to get precise details of this bike you are advised to go through the Bajaj Steel Self Start reviews, which will clear your all doubts concerning to it. These Bajaj Steel Self Start reviews are easily accessible on along with you will get the recently updated Bajaj bikes price list and plenty collection of various other products under the flagship of different brands at very best price.

Honda Odyssey

The wife and I bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey in 2007 that had only 23,000 miles on it, in tip top shape, with the 3.5 v-tech twin overhead cam enduro engine, that easily cruises at 70 miles per hour, with a top end of 160, for a smart price of ,999. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. We use it to transport our day care kids to and from elementary school, take trips on the weekend to buy toys, blankets, pillows at auction for resale to other used toy & thrift stores in the area. The back bench seats lay down into the recessed trunk, and the middle captain chairs fold down so I can fit almost any backyard toy, broken down, into the back.

Long Trips

It is excellent for long trips with the form fitting seats that have complete creature comfort that adjusts to your lower lumbar to make the fit easily. For breaks the wife will drive while I jump in the back to catch a few winks in the captain chairs that lay-back almost horizontal.

It also has a wonderful vehicle stability assist (VSA) system that helps to stabilize the vehicle during cornering. It also assists you in maintaining traction while accelerating on loose or slippery roads. It does this by regulating the engines output and by selectively applying the brakes.

Standard Systems

Of course the Honda Odyssey has the standard cruise control, excellent security system, and a entertainment system that will blow you away. Able to load and launch 6 CD's your listening pleasure is always at your fingertips. With the overhead dvd screen unit that flips down for easy access to your favorite Disney dvd's and music video's, the children just love it.

Gas Mileage

We average 25 miles per gallon on the highway at 65 on cruise control. We have a driving range of 450 miles that lets us drive the whole tri-state area here in Illinois on one tank of gas, whether it is looking for toys, going to concerts, casinos, or my favorite eatery in Heartland Missouri. On the highway popping the transmission into drive 3 lets you kick around traffic without blinking an eye or the van even working hard. This smart piece of work has spectacular performance on the road, passing Mack trucks in pouring rainstorms while staying glued to the road with its excellent Michelin wheel power. This cruiser runs silent and hard like no other Honda Odyessy I have ever owned.


My Honda Odyssey started at 20 below zero this winter, ran two trips in snowy blizzards that stuck us to the road with its superb VHS system, while keeping the kids entertained with the great entertainment system. To say that this is one of the finest Honda Odyssey ever made would be a understatement, and I have not even talked about the outstanding navigation system that leads you right to the very door of your destination every time. If you want a ride that keeps on giving, will never let you down no matter what the circumstances or the weather, let this smart 7 passenger jet like little scrambler take you there in the style you have become accustomed to. When you see a Honda Odyssey for sale please stop and take a look, it might be the best decision you have ever made when it comes to a transport deal.

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Bajaj Sonic

Balanced technology with cool looks It is clearly a motorbike aimed at the youth of the country with flashy cool looks and a balanced technology. The DTSi technology makes the Sonic a fast and reliable bike for everyday commutation. The fact that it comes with a very affordable price tag makes it all the more tantalizing. Looks and Design Here is where the Bajaj Sonicscores the highest points. Not only does it come in a very eye catching canary yellow color but the overall design has a very youth like appeal to it. The sharply cut knee recesses on the fuel tank provide comfort to the rider and a muscled look to the bike. Key Features An air cooled DTS-i engine with the Bajaj's patented ExhausTEC technology makes the bike more swift an smooth as compared to other bike in the 100cc displacement category.

The good thing is that the bike also promises better fuel efficiency again due to the DTS-I technology. The bike comes with front disk brakes and Spring within Spring equipped rear suspension that provides excellent shock absorption. Other Features The Sonic by Bajaj Bikes is also quite well equipped with comfort features. It comes with a self start option an has taken care of conveniences like a passenger footrest and a stand alarm etc. Tubeless tyres prevent you from unnecessary, unexpected hassles an add to the smooth ride. Final Verdict Undoubtedly it is an excellent bike-whether for everyday commutation or for a fun filled ride with your friends. A great combination of technology with stylish looks makes for a very good motorcycle. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your motorcycle and still get a good deal, this could be the bike for you. However, you might get stuck with the choice of colors as it comes in only a bright yellow one.

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Aprilia RSV4 Factory upcoming sports and new brand in Indian market

Aprilia, an Italian motorcycle producing company has released their new brand named Aprilia RSV4 Factory. The new motorcycle model has got good look and power within a reasonable price. The bike is now available in India and the price is around Rs. 1200000.

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory is loaded with attractive features and power. The bike has got a four stroke 999cc 65-degree V-4 cylinder engine. The power of the engine is 180 HP (131.4 kW) at 12500 RPM and the torque of this bike is 115 Nm (11.7 kgf-m or 84.8 ft.lbs) at 10000 RPM. The engine has an ignition system of Magneti Marelli which is a digital electronic ignition system. The fuel injection system has made it easier to reload fuel into the fuel tank. The fuel tank can contain up to 17 liters of fuel.

The fuel is controlled with a system called DOHC. The compression ratio is 12.8:1. The bike has a bore of 78 mm and the stroke is 52.3 mm. The engine is cooled by air and oil. The six speed gearbox makes it a high speed bike on the road. The engine has a 4 into 2 into 1 lambda probe exhausting system. Its wet sump lubrication system keeps the bike running for a long time. The power / weight ratio of the bike is 0.9919 HP/kg.

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory has got a stunning look too. Its sporty look has made it more popular. The rake of the bike is 24.5 inch and the trail is 105 mm. The rear suspension travel is 3302 mm. The front tyre has dimensions of 120/70-17 and the rear tyre has dimensions of 190/55-17. The front brakes are having double disk and the diameter is 320 mm or 12.6 inch.

The rear brakes have single disk and the diameter is 220 mm or 8.7 inch. The seat is 845 mm or 33.3 inch high from the ground. The weight of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory is 179 kg. The bike is available in the market only in Black color.

Aprilia is a famous motorbike company for its high class and high performing motorcycles. This company has a good share on the global market. The racing motorbikes produced by this company have always shown excellent performance on the racing track. Its new bike the Aprilia RSV4 Factory is going to be another very nicely shaped and high performing bike in the market.

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