"baotuan Heating" Effective End Audio Industry Breakthrough In The Top Three

April the air is fresh, flowers dotted with verdant grass, bees play in Tao Liu branches, Video The market gradually regained consciousness Purdue spring in March. Ten selection in February of March and later underwent Hands , For the whole industry has a lot of warm-up. In April we found that HC video network to drive the industry's recovery and development efforts still quite effective, others do not say, Take the most obvious for Sound Product has been recently presented in the doldrums, especially in the 2008 recession once it some manufacturers do business often lament that sound difficult, fewer people are selling less concerned, simply a part of sound corporate restructuring to save the generation of power will start other products, but there is also a most enterprises persisted, I believe that after the storms there will be a beautiful rainbow.

When the audio industry experienced a harsh winter climate slightly warmer occasion, a sudden global Financial Chill winds blowing the crisis once again, will just heat up instantly blown 708 heart broken, to be prohibitive in the end did not know the future direction of how the unexpected occurs. In this critical juncture, HC video network started with a challenge with all the common winter heating crisis Baotuan unity war. Top Ten selection of domestic audio-visual brand momentum play, hand activities, drawing more businesses to close factories. Finally in 2009 of April ushered in the rise of the real audio industry, the product concern about the ranking, ranking product supply, product Buy Top 3 in the glory of living alone audio products are top! Next, let's take a look in April 2009 the market for HC video bull market trend.

2009 4 HC Top of concern about the video market products

The picture shows the HC on April

video market major concern of the degree of audio-visual products.

The figure shows, by the attention, the top 10 products are: audio, Digital photo frame , MP3 / MP4, disc players, TV sets, headphones, amplifiers, projectors, accessories and home theater. Concerned about the degree of product rankings, we can clearly see that far ahead among the first sound, and in March it also came in fourth place, to attempt to take a great effort indeed, such changes How many people are surprised but, in fact, careful analysis is reasonable, after a while winter invasion, audio industry has been slowly coming back to the life, and constantly pick up, but the face of the upcoming Golden Week gave it add up full of opportunities, the feast of the hype and the frequent introduction of new products coupled with the surge in consumer demand, audio video products have always been the industry's leading products, this time of concern about the surge is expected, but pleasantly surprised some people came out top Daoshi . In second place is the digital photo frame, it also makes people jump change greatly astonished, still warm in March not fire, it came in ninth, digital photo frame this modern family must have "luxury "The best personal spiritual emotional communication carrier, with the birds are flying long grass and suddenly the season, rushing to the level of attainment festival was of concern to more people. With the continuous upgrading of digital cameras, camera phones, popular open to high resolution, digital photo frame first to Selling Well 1:00. In third place was MP3/MP4 Players For this product is the change he has inherited the glory of the digital photo frame, as the much younger generation of hot pet's digital products, along with the rapid rise in the impressive and visually. Remarkable to see people happy face at the same time we should think about who they replaced, which products fall into this abnormal fluctuations of the steps. We can easily find, in March finally called and Triumph "turned around" battle of the washer actually only in the fourth, "It's tragic that there are some changes, washer industry has been all the recent twists and turns, winds and waves alternating Format copyright dispute continued, the local red light so the birth of high-definition disc players, the industry is full of great instability. while still a serious decline Projector , Ranked second in the March wing, but in April it has been washed into the eighth, projector industry has been almost a year to a price war as the main strategy, but played too fierce price war for too long is not necessarily a good thing, because prices continue to decrease its quality inevitably compromised, but also face more and more full of listed brands, consumers seem slightly concerned about his fatigue, Golden Week and did not improve much attention to it, but there unabated, but can have a lot Ranking among the top 10 potential, hopefully projection industry in the next few months to dash forward again. We also see such as headphones, TV, accessories and other products Ranking, and the changes compared to last month is not very clear, keeping the original gesture. In short, the entire video industry view, or recovery, in April, gradually become warmer, more consumers begin their eyes over the product search volume increased significantly towards the development of good posture.

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