Pocket Bike Performance Makes Me Go Fast!

Alright so you bought you pocket bike unpacked the box did the assembly thing and its time to ride. What the? Is there something wrong with this thing? May be the engine needs to be worked in. The same reaction I had when I got my first pocket bike. It's almost like "buyer be ware", B.S. but its not. Because yes your bike can go fast as it says in the specifications normally 47+ mph for 2 stroke and 4 stroke 49cc and 110cc bikes.
So what is the problem? Why won't the bike go faster then 15 to 20 mph?
Well you have this thing called manufactures warranty to protect their ass the manufacture tested the bike at 47 + mph but sold it modified to go slower. Because 47+ mph with you on it who might weight anywhere from 100lb to 250lbs and how you ride will effect the overall live of the motorcycle they just want to make that 1 year warranty last one year.
So how do you make it go faster?
There are a few modifications you will have to make so get ready to shell out some cash.
1.Your bike can always breath better get a filter kit. Mine cost $20 it was from an online company I found.
2.Change the gear ratio check out the link below for how to articles. It's pretty easy I'm just to lazy to type it all out. It will run about $24. 3.Remove the governor if you got one. 4.Throw on a boost systems. You could get one for about $40 its tricky read about it first before making the purchase. It is only good for 49cc and up. 5.Upgrade to a high performance exhaust. $ expensive 6.Upgrade your carb to high performance runs about $50 - $60.
A pocket bike is pretty much like a real motor cycle shrunk you can do just about any modification to it you want given you have something like an X7 or so. Above are just some of the modifications ones that fall into reasonable price range.
For instructions on how to install this stuff and other tips check out the link below it's a good site for pocket bikes simple and to the point.