Yamaha Rxv667(rx-v667)(video Review)cheap 3d Ready Av Receiver

A Review OF The Yamaha RX-V667 (RXV667BL) 7.1Ch 3D AV Surround Sound Home Cinema Amplifier With Dolby True HD

This is a review of the Yamaha RX-V667 AV surround sound home cinema amplifier. The Yamaha RX-V667 is a unique 7 channel home cinema amplifier that has been design to the highest standards to get the most out of your home cinema set-up.

The Yamaha RXV667 AV amplifier is full of picture enhancing features and technology, which will provide you with the ability to create an outstanding picture and audio system.

The Yamaha RX-V667 AV amp will act as a powerful heart of any home cinema system. From this controlling hub you are able to adjust the picture quality and sound quality of your equipment and adapt your home cinema to your own personal specification.

With the Yamaha RXV-667 you can expect a high sound and picture quality. In order to achieve a high sound quality the Yamaha RXV667BL is kitted out with 7 powerful speaker outputs. Most people find a five speaker set up great, but the Yamaha RXV667 gives you the flexibility to add two addition speakers. In a normal five cinema set up you will find a centre speaker at the front of the system, two front speakers on either side of the screen and two rear speakers behind the viewers. With the Yamaha RXV667 you have the ability to add two more speakers at the back of the room or at the size depending on the layout and size of your room. The Yamaha RXV667BL has the capability of handling most speakers as the out per speaker terminal is 140w. With all 7 channels going you have a maximum output of 980W, as well as a sub output.

To achieve a superb quality of sound it is important that any amplifier is capable of processing the latest sound formats especially if you want to enjoy the latest Blu-rays and 3D films. The Yamaha RXV667 has the ability to process all the latest sound formats including Dolby true HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HS High resolution Audio. In a home cinema environment sound quality is just as important as picture quality and the Yamaha RX-V667 will not disappoint.

As well as exceptional sound quality the Yamaha RX-V667 produces an outstanding picture quality. With more and more people taking on 3D television in their home it is now necessary for the latest amplifiers to feature this technology too. With high definition now being a part of every day life the Yamaha RX-V667BL as the ability to upscale and process full HD 1080p signals. So if you have a Full HD 1080p television the Yamaha RX-V667 will ensure you get the most out of it. With 6 HDMI inputs on the back of the system connectivity to the latest high definition devices could not be easier. With six HDMI inputs you have the freedom to connect a HD satellite box, Blu-ray player and multiple HD games consoles with out the need for HDMI splitters and swapping and changing cables.

The Yamaha RX-V667 is an exceptional AV home cinema receiver and is great for people who are new to the world of home cinema and is now on sale and in stock at www.soundandvision.co.uk. It has the flexibility to be adjusted to suit most peoples specifications. Combined with a good quality of speakers, this Yamaha RX-V667 7.1ch AV home cinema amp has the capability of lasting long in to the future.

For more information and a low price on the Yamaha RXV667(RX-V667)7.1ch AV Home Cinema Amplifier With 1080p Up-Scaling and six HDMI Inputs go to www.soundandvision.co.uk

-1080p resolution

Manufacturers Technology Features
-3D Ready
- amaha SCENE
-Yamaha YPAO
-Yamaha Silent Cinema
-Yamaha Compressed Music Enhancer

Sound & Power Output
- Dolby™ Digital EX
- Dolby™ True HD
- Dolby™ Digital Plus
- DTS-HD Master Audio
- DTS 96/24
- DTS™ ES Discrete 6.1

- 6 Input / 1 Output x HDMI Connection/s
- 4 x Optical Terminal Connection/s
- 2 x Co-axial Digital Connection/s
- Stereo mini jack

Power, Weight & Dimensions
- 10.5 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
- 435 x 151 x 364 mm (W/H/D) Dimensions
- 400 W Power Consumption
- 0.2 W Standby Power Consumption

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