Most Creative Bike Accessories

A bicycle, also known as a bike, push bike or cycle, is a pedal-driven, human-powered, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. In addition, bikes which were introduced in the 19th century and now number about one billion worldwide still become the favorite means of transportation for people from the young to the old. Below is the collection of the most creative bike accessories:


The bike wheels are decorated with LED lights, which make bikes more attractive


The system of speakers which is compatible to iPods


Bikes are also attached an umbrella, which is convenient for users in any kind of weather


Apple iPhone is fixed to the handles of the bike


PUYL is the bike pump and is combined with the lightening device in the dark


It is a good idea to have a bottle of water along the frame of the bike


A simply designed bike is very suitable for loving couple when wandering around the countryside


The handle of the bike is made of wood and is made by hand



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