2011 Ducati Diavel

Ducati, a dream bike brand has been awaited to enter the Indian roads. Ducati Diavel has thus satisfied months of years of bike lovers and has come with a startling bike model, Ducati Diavel. Ducati Diavel has been welcomed with ties up and is now being searched for better and cheaper deal. There is a list of reasons attached to its popularity among the riders.

Well, all this sums up its exceptional on road performance and classy appearance. There is a list long of viewers who are eager to take a fabulous riding pleasure on this ‘no less magic' bike. This bike is launched by the famous Italian manufacturer and has named it as Diavel, a dialect for the term devil.

Diavel sports robust construction and is graded as first cruiser bike from Ducati. Featured with a longer and lower sort of body, his is the key aspects makes it stand distinct from other respective bikes offered by Ducati.

Further, this bike has a twin-level seat that is quite wide, comfortable and skillfully shaped so as to be comfortable within the graceful edges of the machine. The Diavel sports fabulous conventional Ducati style headlamp having an absolute aluminum outer body.

The bets part about this bike is its artistically designed fuel tank. Thanks to the wide, tapered section aluminum bars, coupled by handlebar shape and arrangement that set the rider to take compete command over the bike.

This bike is set incorporated with a water cooled engine 4-stroke, 90° V-twin engine of 1198 cc having 2 cylinders. This results in smoothest and economical flow of the fuel. As per the Ducati Diavel review, this it has turned out to be one among the best offerings put forth in the market and delivers a maximum torque of 127 Nm @ 8000rpm.

Adding to the functionality, this bike pledges enhanced efficiency and makes the bike go great on the Indian roads. The electric starter instilled enables easily and swift start of the bike saving you from performing those harsh kicks.

Ducati Diavel price in India has elevated its popularity and has placed this super stylish and commendable bike above all other offerings.

Ducati Explores Two New Models At Eicma

Ducati Bikes in India, the sports bike manufacturer explored its new devils at the international bike show, the EICMA 2010 in Milan. The company came up with two of its new models, the Ducati Diavel and Ducati Monster 1100 EVO. Both the bikes are equipped with latest features and enhanced looks.

As per company officials, it is known that the Ducati Diavel is to be one of the most exciting from the company as it acquires the features both of sports bike and a cruiser bike. Like the sports segment bikes, the Diavel is powerful enough to gain a great speed with high controlling features and is comfortable enough for a light and agile ride as the cruisers. The 1200 cc engine of Ducati Diavel is capable of generating a power equivalent to 162bhp with beating torque. The V-twin engine typed bike is the one of its kind that possess all features the company has acquired till date.

The uniquely featured bike is sure to hold breath of the one's coming its way. The new innovation of the company is designed to give spectacular performance to its rider. The Ducati Diavel is efficient enough to win a race or to just to enjoy a ride on open streets.The chrome finishing of the bike all the more enhances the devil like beauty of it. The sound braking system attached to the bike are efficient to avoid the situations of skidding and off-roading. Two variants of the Ducati's Devil are Diavel and Diavel Carbon. The carbon of the Diavel comes with a carbon fibre bodywork and Marchesini wheels.

Aprilia RSV4 pricing update at US

APRILIA is the fourth largest company in two wheeler manufacturer of World. Aprilia RSV4 is a new sports bike that is about to be introduced with a new price. The price of the bike is decided for US and it is decided to be ,999.The bike holds the sporty looks and technical features are also very impressive. The bike has been fitted with a 998cc engine. The engine is 4 stroke and works on the DOHC technology. The engine is liquid cooled and has v-4 cylinder and has 4 valves per cylinder. The bore*stroke ratio of the bike is 78*52.3mm.

The maximum power developed by the engine is 1324kw@12,500rpm and the maximum torque to the engine is 115nm@10000rpm. The bike has 6 speed gear box that makes the bike fly like a bird on road.

The fuel tank of capacity 14litres is fitted in the bike. The tires of the bike are radial tubeless type. The size of the front tire is 120/70 ZR17 and the size of the rear tyre is 190/55 ZR 17.The suspension system of the bike makes it very secure. The front suspension is fully adjustable and hydraulic type and the rear suspension is swing arm type. The front brake is 320mm disc and the rear brake is 220mm disc. The frame of the bike is made beautiful.

The bike is electric start. The compression ratio of the bike is 13:1.The bike runs with unleaded fuel. The accessories with the bike are carbon fiber heat protection, carbon fiber heel guards, adjustable footrests, aluminium clutch levers, adjustable license plate, clipon bars and many more. The bike has been available with digital speedometer, fuel gauge, oil indicator, low fuel indicator, over speed, high temperature and pressure meter.

The bike is going to launch in 2011 and the company seeks a lot of sale of its units.

The company makes sure that if the buyer spends money on RSV4 then the rider gets full satisfaction with the features of the bike. The bike gives an upper level of comfort and safety to the rider. The bike adds up to the image of the rider. The RSV4 has been made for sporty and speed loving people that include basically youngsters and sports person. Aprilia RSV4 will come in two vibrant shades like white glam and black line. The bike is surely going to prove a tough competition to the other sports bikes of its class.

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Ducati Bulbs

Ducati motorcycles does not need any introduction. Since its inception it has never stopped manufacturing bikes it saw many up's and down's but they value their customers and the quality and Standard of their bikes. Ducati HID bulbs are one of such products that are available in the market. They come in a different shapes and models depending on the color of light and its intensity. Ducati fans and riders loves the HID upgrades, and the Ducati riders capture attention of the crowd everywhere they go. Ducati as a motorcycle brand values its customers wants to keep them riding and cruising on the plains. If you have one you definitely understand what I am referring to, so don't think over it for a second thought just go for the upgrade to HID. So that you can make your Ducati more comfortable on those long planes across the states.

It's a fact that company fitted headlights are designed for basic nighttime visibility, yet still during the day they are hardly clear.

By upgrading to HID headlight bulb you will not only improve the nighttime visibility of the bike, but it will also get you noticed in the broad day light. If you are using upgraded halogen headlight bulbs it can often make the difference between being seen or not on the road and off the road. In fact the most common statement taken at accident scenes from vehicle drivers is "I never saw him". Even if there is a believe that the 'loud pipes save lives', increasing your bike's visibility will significantly improve those chances of being seen before an accident can take place.

Ducati HID bulbs work very effectively to give you a very clear view even on a pitch-dark road. Ducati HID bulbs does not only support you but also the fellow-riders who come from your opposite side.

Because Ducati HID bulbs do not cause any inconvenience to your eyes. The testimonials of the users of Harley HID states many benefits of their conversion from stock headlamps to HID bulbs. Some of the advantages they state are. The amount of output light that the HID of a 35-A generates it is equivalent to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb. Secondly they state the benefit is that of whiter light while the halogen light appears yellowish pale giving a bad impression, the HID lighting system emits a light that is closer to that of natural light hence gives a feel of being natural. The HID increases the visibility in most night time driving, the users also say the in bad weather situations it gives great visibility, this combination of a whiter color and a efficient light output allows for a enjoyable and more illuminated ride. Thirdly they say the new conversion will consume less power from the bikes battery, hence leaving more power to your bikes other essential electrical system. There is a unanimous consensus about the life of the HID's they have a greater product life- HID bulbs are designed to outlast even your bike. On average these bulbs will last 10 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb. Ducati Bulbs.

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Customize Your Bike With Harley Accessories.

A Harley Davidson Motorcycle is much more than a simple means of transportation. It really is a culture, a life style, a reflection of who you are. People who own one understand what they stand for and are not afraid to show the world.

It goes with out mentioning that the name Harley Davidson is known, admired, and honored all through the world. They do not simply produce a terrific motorcycle, they create the American legend. Harley Davidson is America on a pair of wheels.

Harley Davidson has a lengthy, wealthy history and has definitely survived the test of time. You can find very few organizations that have survived long enough to celebrate a century in the market place.

In 2003 Harley Davidson Motorcycles celebrated their one hundred year birthday, and these days they continue to develop on the strength of their original product.

Their noticeably American motorcycles might have evolved over the years, but their legacy remains.

Individuals who obtain a Harley Davidson motorcycle know that they are not simply acquiring a bike, but a lifestyle. Harley fans are a number of the most committed and devoted followers in the world. Their exclusive style and branded gear cannot go unnoticed.

Harley riders realize that what they put on is as necessary as what they ride. Selecting the right Harley apparel and Harley accessories is actually a essential element of the riding encounter. A few of these items may possibly consist of Harley Davidson Boots, Harley Davidson Helmets, Harley Davidson Shirts, and obviously Harley Davidson Jackets.

Locating a Harley Davidson Store that stocks all these items at realistic costs can prove to be an arduous process, but a simple visit to the Latus Harley Davidson Shop can be the answer to all your requirements. They have a wide selection of Harley accessories and Harley Apparel.

In addition to the life-style and image, Harley riders are proud of the unparalleled high quality of their motorcycles. They realize that their motorcycles are expertly crafted machines, and only the best Harley parts and Harley accessories will do with regards to bike maintenance and modifications.

Personalising your Harley is an important, fun, and often frustrating task. Latus Harley Davidson is certain to make this job a whole lot less complicated and enjoyable. Their Harley Davidson Store carries a sizable range of Harley goods and accessories.

So, should you be looking for Harley parts to make your bike perform much better, accessories to make your bike appear exclusive or Harley apparel to make you look great, then visit them at http://www.latus-harley-davidson.com.

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Aprilia Coming Up With Rsv4 R And Rsv4 Factory In India

The Aprilia RSV4 is manufactured by the famous superbike manufacturing company of Italy,which is famous for its superior quality and also for the advanced and splendid design look. It has scheduled by the Aprilia superbike manufacturing company that the new model ApriliaRSV4 will launch by the month of December 2010. The cost price of this motor bike is very less according to the other superbikes. The cost price of this motor bike will be around 9 to 12 lakhs in India. the Aprilia RSV4 is the most advanced and powerful superbike among all motorbikes of the Aprilia superbike manufacturing company. The Aprilia RSV4 is designed in such a way that provides a splendid look and comfort to its rider.

The Aprilia RSV4 has a powerful engine and advanced feature of latest technologies. The Aprilia RSV4 comes under the sport bikes category. It has a powerful engine of 4 stroke and V4. The displacement of this superbike is about 1000cc and the compression of engine is 12.8:1. The engine of this motorbike generates the maximum power of 180 HP or 131.4 kilowatt at the rate of 12500 Rpm and the maximum torque is 115 Nm at the rate of 10000 Rpm. The bore x stroke is about 78 X 52.3mm or 3.1 X 2.1 inches and the engine of this motor bike is equipped with the four cylinders.

The Aprilia RSV4 has the advanced fuel system and also has the DOHC fuel control for the best economical performance of fuel. The fuel system of this motor bike is injected with the 4 throttle bodies, air box, injection of indirect multipoint electronic, 8 injectors and the inbuilt management system of electronic engine. This motor bike has an ignition system of inbuilt electronic digital ignition. The Aprilia RSV4 has the fuel tank with fuel capacity of 17 litres. The lubricating system of this motor bike is wet sump and dual trochoid pump with the cooler of oil and the cooling system of both oil and air.

The engine of this motor bike is also equipped with the 6 speeds gear. It has a clutch system of multi plate in oil and the transmission type of this engine is based on chain. The front suspension of this motor bike is equipped with the up side down fork of 43mm ohlins titanium nitride and also has the external adjustment system and the rear suspension is based on the aluminium swing arm of Double arch with the mono shock of Ohlin. The front brake of this motor bike is equipped with the double dish brake and the rear one is equipped with the single disc of Bremo.

Motorized Bike with new technologies

With the evolution of new technologies, simple cycles changed into motorized bikes and the improvisation continued with new models introduced by various companies. The motorized bike came in with an attached motor that made pedalling simple or rather removed the mechanism of pedalling the cycles. You simply had the motors that would start and then all was left to the accelerator. There are a number of companies that came up with their own makes and models of motorized bikes. Some had great power motors that made these bikes more powerful than others. Some companies came up with great models that looked stylish and had great features. Recently, the new version of motorized bikes, e-bikes have become very popular for the number of benefits it offers. E-bikes are efficient and, at the same time, cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Nowadays, people are becoming wiser and are conscious about their expenditure and even the environment.

Therefore, the number of e-bikes is increasing on the roads. These motorized bikes have a low power engine and are battery operated, thus saving fuel as well as keeping the environment from getting polluted. The other factor that makes motorized bikes popular is their easy maintenance. These bikes are extremely easy to use and maintain and do not require heavy expenditure on servicing.

On the other hand, the 4 stroke bike is also one of the mean machines that gained a lot of popularity for its speed and durability. The only thing that was a matter of concern with the 4 stroke bike was its cost of maintenance. You are required to maintain a 4 stroke bike at regular intervals for its smooth performance and fuel efficiency. So, you need to be a bit careful with your 4 stroke bike. If you are looking for motorized bike or a 4 stroke bike then it is advisable that at the very first place you should look for the models and prices online, in order to get a good idea about the features of different models and their efficiency. Online stores give you the chance to compare the prices of different companies offering bikes of the same model. This indirectly helps you strike a good deal when you actually set out to buy your set of two wheels. You may even come across great discounts online that will make it easier for you to invest in the bike you want.

Motor Bike Finance Options

A great many men, and quite a number of women too, are considering the advantages of bikes.  The saving in petrol and the convenience in traffic jams are probably the reasons, but in most cases the sheer excitement of owning and riding a bike and experiencing the freedom and fresh air are the deciding factors.

Only a few people carefully go through their options before they go for bike shopping, but when you are young and vital, this does not always happen!  All too often, when you see your dream bike, you have already decided to buy it, even before you have thought of how to pay for it.  This is not the wisest way, but very understandable.

We all dream of getting something we have wanted for a long time.
However, sooner or later we get back down to earth, with our feet on the ground, and then it is time that we start figuring out what we can do to get the dream bike.  And ……..

whether in fact we can go ahead and get it.

As long as you have a regular income, there is usually a way that you can get financial help to buy your bike.  First of all, you have to see how much disposable income you actually have each month after all your usual expenses have been met. 

Once you have established this amount, now is the time to go online and see what financial aid is available.  Here are some guidelines to look for:

What is the monthly minimum repayment that the financial company requires?

What are the interest rates and charges?  Find out whether the interest rate is fixed, or whether it is likely to fluctuate.  Fluctuations can sometimes benefit you if they come down, but on the other hand, if they go up, they can ruin you!

What are all the fees and extra charges that you might not immediately be aware of?  Make sure you get all this out in the open first.  Read all the fine print! 

Remember, there are insurance costs to be added on as well.  Insurance sometimes varies a lot according to the different insurance providers, and also according to your age, past traffic record, etc.

A very important consideration that you need to find out about is what happens, should you increase your monthly payments when you have the extra cash, and how is that going to affect your contract.  Will you end up paying less interest, or are you bound to a certain amount of interest irrespective of how quickly you pay off your bike loan?  In some cases “break fees” may be charged if you change the contract in any way.

Once you have selected a lender, now comes the time to seek approval of this prospective lender of you, as a buyer.  Obviously your financial standing and your past credit record will be very important.  Your lender will most likely also require your new bike to be of equivalent value to the amount you wish to borrow.  Your proposed insurance contract will be of great importance to them.  They may arrange your insurance themselves, or they will want to approve the company you choose and scrutinise the contract themselves.

In your turn, you need to be just as careful to make sure you have a well known and trusted firm of financial providers.  You need to carefully examine all their terms and requirements to ascertain whether they are fair and acceptable to you.  You will often do well to compare financial packages of many different companies for bike loans.

Essential Accessories for Bike Enthusiasts

With adrenaline rushing through your brain, heart pounding as if about to burst; the feeling that comes with biking is simply unparalleled. Nothing can come even close to what one feels with an open road to cruise along and a high performance motorbike to fuel the moment. To make this experience even better, you can use a number of accessories specially designed for motorbikes such as helmet with speaker, GPS systems, motorbike intercom, MP3 players, radio, mobile phone holder, drink holder, and many more.

Thanks to innovations in the field of audio engineering; today, you can find an extensive range of audio accessories designed for motorbikes. Motorbike accessory manufacturers such as AFX are offering helmet with speaker to let you listen to your favorite music while roaring down the road; after all, what combination would be better than a 1000cc Harley beast and Motorhead to compliment the ride.

These helmets offer crystal clear audio with enhanced effects to create the magic which cannot be described in words.

Satellite radio for motorbikes is also the contender for the most useful bike accessory there is. With the addition of a satellite radio to your motorbike, not only you will be able to listen to an extensive list of radio stations, you can also get latest updates about the condition of traffic, road, weather, etc. It is an ideal accessory for those who like travelling long distances.

Another wonderful accessory for biking enthusiasts is motorbike intercom. Especially if you are part of a biking club and travel in groups, this communication system can be a great asset for you. This communication system will enable all members of the group to interact without having to stop or scream their lungs out. It is a wonderful solution and an absolute necessity for those interested in professional bike racing.

If you are planning to buy motorbike accessories, the best place to start the search is the internet simply for the convenience and cost effectiveness it offers. All leading virtual stores dedicated to motorbike accessories offer an exhaustive range of motorbike accessories to suit different needs.

Motor Bikes price in india

Indian Automotive sector have enriched collection of Motor Bikes under the flagship of various brands like Hero Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj, TVS, Mahindra and various others. Yamaha Motors is one of the most promising and trusted two-wheeler brands that owns the incredible collection of the bikes including Yamaha VMAX, Yamaha MT01, Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha FZ1, Yamaha YZF-R15, Yamaha Fazer, Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha FZ16, Yamaha SZ-R, Yamaha SZ & Yamaha SZ-X, Yamaha SS125, Yamaha YBR 125, Yamaha YBR 110 and Yamaha Crux (106cc).

The India Yamaha Motors has reported a sales growth of 58.7% in month of may 2011. As per some rumors company is all prepared to launch new Yamaha YZF R15 by the end of July 2011 on Indian roads. Company constantly comes with more innovative and sophisticated models to meet your great passion of excellence and speed. Yamaha serving you the best quality and services from last many years and precisely working on the customers feedback to meet you need & demands and to improve the overall performance of the company.

The Yamaha Bikes price list start from Rs.31, 900 onwards. However, the Yamaha Bikes price is not easy on pocket but still the quality, performance and mileage offered are worthwhile. Royal Enfield is the unique two-wheeler brand that introduced the legendary cruisers like Royal Enfield Thunderbird Self Start, Royal Enfield Bullet Electra, Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 5S, Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo and Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 500. These Royal Enfield Bikes have been designed in very sophisticated manner and provide you amazing feel of royalty.

Having powered by the 350cc to 500cc currently available Royal Enfield Bikes offer the outstanding performance, mileage and power. The Royal Enfield Bikes price figures may annoy you if you are limited with the budget. But, once you experience the lavish ride of the Royal Enfield Bikes you will definitely get addicted or great admirer. The increased petrol and diesel price adversely affected the Motor Bikes price in India.

If you are more concerned to the Motor Bikes price including Hero Honda Bikes price, Yamaha Bikes price, Bajaj Bikes price, Suzuki Bikes price and more then, you simply need to logon naaptol.com that will bring you all the possible answers. On this shopping and product comparison webportals you will get available with plenty collection of various other products under the name of different brands, compare the features and price of the products and avail the advantages of the best online deals with discounts.


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Honda Company And Honda Headlights

It's true that HONDA is the most popular name in automobile world. It's one of the best automobiles manufacturer's all over the world. Honda is currently standing at number 6 in automobiles industry and number 2 in the list of Japanese automobiles producers. Honda has its own name and value, as they are producing the best cars which are very famous.


Honda Company was established in 1946. Actually, in October 1946, Honda Company first established their research center. Two years after the establishment of the research centre, Honda Motors Company Ltd. was made operational. After the opening of Honda Motors they started producing great vehicles and made their own name in the world of quality automobiles production. Honda vehicles are considered as the most durable while having a fair price.


Honda Company is famous in producing automobiles; they have also started producing car spare parts, like spoilers, taillights, grilles headlights etc.

for their customers. Honda offers a variety of headlights like OEM, Projector, Angel Eye, Halo and JDM. Honda introduced different headlights for its different car models. Honda headlights are very famous among the buyers of Honda as they are fashionable at a very cheap price.


Headlights are important for every car as they allow the driver to safely drive in any conditions. They are also known as the eyes of the car. Without headlights, it is almost impossible to drive the car. By upgrading your car with Honda headlights, you can give a great look to the car. Most of the Honda users use it for greater look and to attract others towards their car.


Honda headlights do not only give a unique look to the car but it also has high illumination, far better than the other headlights.

Honda daylight headlights have illumination similar to using the headlights at night time. Honda headlights are mounted at the front side of your car and make your car look different and unique from others. It is easy to drive your car with Honda headlights because of their high illumination.


Honda headlights are available in different sizes, color and shapes. So, it becomes easier to find the right Honda headlights for your car. Honda headlights are also configured with the latest technologies, as it has automatic system which increases or decreases the illumination of headlights. Generally, to replace the electric part of the cars, a professional is needed, but not with the Honda headlights. These headlights are very easy to fix with your car and are also plug and play compatible. You can easily fix these headlights on your own.


The set of the Honda Headlights is the best and gives an appealing look to your car. It is necessary to have the matching light covers with different combinations of light to give your car an unparalleled look. Headlights covers are basically composed of plastic, but Honda offers you the headlight covers of Ultra White Xenon. After installing Honda headlights, you can drive your car efficiently and easily at night plus it will also give a newer and fresher look to your car.


Therefore, by only changing the car headlights, one can easily make a car's look different from others. So, if you are looking for best headlights at good prices, then Honda Company offers headlights at minimal price which will meet your requirements.


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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Seattle Biking Hustle Free

Seattle is a big city in the northwest part of the contingencies US. It is big city ad a business centre. The city being settled in beside water bodies is one of the leading business centers in the country and it has been the most populated too. So in such a big city it is very natural that there will be frequent accidents and in the case of accidents the help of the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is a must.

Being a sea side and a tropical country the use of bikes must be very prominent in the city. Moreover these bikes today have become the most preferred vehicles of the young generation. But being one of the leading business centers it is one of the busiest city within the country and in this case the city of Seattle is also not very different. This city like any other business city is also very busy and henceforth the accidents are also very common here.

So a place where there are so much of accident situation it is very natural that one must get oneself insured to have the security and safety from the consequences of the accident. In this case the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Seattle are the perfect help as they will render all the necessary help that will be necessary to get rescued from the post effects of the accident. They are anal expert in this field and will lend you a hand in every field so that you will receive the maximum help in this case.

But while choosing the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Seattle you must be a bit careful and should have a discussion with your near and dear ones that will help you to have a better insight into their work. To have a little more knowledge about them one will need to search the internet.

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Famous Cities of the World - Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top cities of Southeast Asia economically. It is growing fast, some say too fast. It now includes the area of Thon Buri, which was once the capital of Siam, and the combined area is commonly known now as Krung Thep Mahanakhon. It is the capital city of Thailand and home to more than 6.5 million people. The metropolitan area is by far the largest of the country and has an estimated population of over 11 million.

It is the commercial centre of Thailand, and the wider area of Southeast Asia. There are two main sectors providing the lion's share of revenue in the Thai economy. It is characterized by a tropical climate which remains humid for a major part of the year. The city experiences alternate periods of dry and wet seasons. It is juxtaposed with high end and gritty right next to each other, something you normally don't see in most western cities, embrace it!

It is becoming a hub for quality music in Asia, extensive list of music venues, discos, DJs, artists and music events.

It is famous for its temples, the Grand Palace as well as some of Asia's largest shopping centers and Asia's largest outdoor week-end market (Chatuchak). It is highly appreciated for its wide choice of restaurants, from authentic street-side eateries to a number of fine dining establishments. It is a gourmet's paradise. The most authentic, the freshest and the very best food can be found in the ubiquitous stalls strewn throughout its bustling streets.

It is a shopper's heaven. Don't worry about sleeping, there is plenty of time for that once your board the flight back home. It is a beautiful city and Thailand is a wonderful country. I've been there and I can say the people are warm and friendly.

It is a city of extremes and superlatives, a city you do not react too indifferently. Recently declared the world's hottest city by the World Meteorological Organization, it also boasts the longest name -Krung-thep-maha-nakorn-boworn-ratana-kosin mahintar-ayudhya-amaha-dilok-pop-nopa-ratana-rajthani-burirom-udom-rajniwes-mahasatarn -amorn-pimarn-avatar-satit-sakattiya-visanukam .

Bangkok is said to be the 22nd most populous city on earth, with a population of about 11 million, including its proper and surrounding areas, the best time to visit it is during the months of May, June and September, when the city is at its least crowded. It is more like work. It's kind of a slog. It is not just a city to visit briefly on your way to somewhere else. It is a place so rich in experience you will want to visit it time and time again.

It is rightly regarded as the most affordable city of all for flight tickets and is now widely accepted as Asia's premier air hub. Bearing in mind the savings you can make on other things during your stay in it perhaps it is an ideal opportunity to experience the most opulent accommodation available in any Hip Hotel Bangkok or Sukhumvit Hotel, the TENFACE suite. It is a city to overload the senses. Streets are crowded by tuk-tuks (motorized tri-shaws) and the occasional elephant weaving through congested traffic. It is, shall we say, a Mecca for Buddhist temples. From the famous reclining Buddha at Wat Pho to the Giant Swing outside of Wat Suthat, you could spend weeks in the city and not absorb it all.

It is popular tourist destination. We try to offer you the most suitable accommodation in hotels, pensions, apartments and hostels on this website. It is a gourmet's paradise - from the unfathomable victuals of China Town through to upscale international dining and some of the finest street food on the planet. The most authentic, the freshest and the very best food can be found in the ubiquitous stalls strewn throughout its bustling streets.

Gurmit loves traveling; he has been to Bangkok a lot of times. His favorite is Thai Foot Message at the airport. He is an author, speaker and mortgage expert.

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Bajaj Student Insurance coverage

The world of insurance is not only limited to life, travel, and health. There is much more to explore and avail. One segment worth mentioning is student medical insurance. Without insurance, the world would have been a costly and hassle-oriented place to live. Financial security and safety is what you get with an insurance policy irrespective of whether it is health, travel, life or student medical insurance.

There are numerous companies to choose from and an additional number of insurance plans when we speak about student medical insurance. Students will not regret going for Bajaj Allianz Student Insurance. When it comes to sending children abroad for studies, there can be many risks involved and it is an expensive affair for overseas education. Any unwanted occurrences that may require spending will only add to the colossal expenditure.

This is where Student medical insurance comes into play.

And with Bajaj Allianz, you will certainly gain a competitive edge. A risk free travel, coverage for other essential needs such as medical and hospitalization help, and more are what you can avail with Bajaj Allianz Student Insurance. This insurance company has a number of plans to offer. Make a comparative analysis of the plans and go for the right one. There are certain points that are covered in common in all the student medical insurance plans from Bajaj Allianz. Reimbursement of the tuition fee paid in advance for the current semester in case the insured discontinues studies owing to hospitalization is covered.

Reimbursement is also provided if either parent of the insured meets with a serious injury or death.

If the insured meets with an accident resulting in permanent disability or death Bajaj Allianz shall reimburse the remaining school fee. There are more common points to explore under Bajaj Student Insurance. Worry not if you happen to get hospitalized owing to sickness or accident. In case the attending physician advises the necessary attendance of a family member (spouse, parent, sibling and in-laws of the insured), economy class transportation of the member by the most direct route would be borne by the insurance company. This is subject to the maximum sum insured for the chosen Bajaj Student Insurance. Go online to know more about the other coverage in Bajaj Student Insurance. Bajaj Allianz Student Insurance plans include the following:

• Student Elite Plan

• Student Travel Insurance - Student Overseas Travel Risks

• Study Companion Plan. The world of insurance is not only limited to life, travel, and health. There is much more to explore and avail. One segment worth mentioning is student medical insurance. Without insurance, the world would have been a costly and hassle-oriented place to live.

Metropolis' guide to buying a used motorcycle

Check out our guide for buying used motorcycles

What To Look For

If you are buying your bike from an established and reputable used motorcycle dealer, it’s likely that they will have done all the checks for you. It’s not in their interest to sell you a bike that is going to break down after a week. However, if you are buying your bike through a private advert, you need to exercise caution.


This is something you can often check on the phone before you even see the motorbike itself. Check that the bike has both a log book and an MOT certificate (if it’s more than 3 years old). When you arrive to view the bike, check that the address in the logbook is the current owners address.

The Bike Itself

When you arrive to view the bike it should be immediately obvious what sort of condition the bike is in.

You will be able to tell instantly whether it has been well looked after, whether it has been in any major accidents and whether it has been maintained properly.

If the bike looks like it is in an appropriate state for the asking price, start examining it in more detail. If this is your first bike it would certainly be worth finding a rider with more experience to come with you. They will have a much better idea of what to look for and the questions you should ask the seller.

When examining the bike you can’t be afraid to get ‘hands on’.

It is really important that you start the bike. You can’t tell anything about the engine until you see and hear it running. When you start the bike it is obviously important that it starts easily. Once it is going you need to listen to it very carefully. Though the trained ear will be able to tell exactly what is wrong with an engine just by listening to it, for an average rider, just identifying whether it is running smoothly is enough. If you hear any noises that you shouldn’t, walk away.

When examining the bike it is important that you leave it running for an extended period. Once it has been running in a stationary position for at least 5 minutes, check underneath the engine. You should look for any leaks of any type of fluid, especially oil.

The next major thing to look for is rust. Look underneath the bike, in the exhaust and underneath the bodywork. Also look for areas of rust that may have been recently painted.

Though buying a bike from a private seller will always be a bit of a gamble, giving the bike a thorough check over before you agree a price will always put you in a stronger position. With a little bit of knowledge, you are much better placed to get yourself a bargain.

If you are unsure of your ability to tell the difference between a bargain and a ticking time bomb, why not visit your local used motorcycle dealer? We have one of the largest collections of used motorcycles in London and are one of the most well regarded used motorcycle dealers in the London area.

Honda Cars,New Honda Cars

The word ‘automobile' comes from the combination of the French ‘auto', which means self and the Latin word ‘mobilis', which means moving. The term, at the very base of understanding, stands for a vehicle that moves by itself. The history of cars spans the centuries from the days of the ‘egged' and ‘cranked' models to the existent sophisticated ones. These wheeled ‘passenger carriers' are motored and designed to run primarily on roads. The term ‘car' is synonymous with the understanding that the vehicle can seat anywhere between one to eight people and has four wheels. The primary function is transportation of people; however, it is different from the other public modes of transport. The history of cars dates back to the year 1672, when Ferdinand Verbiest built the first ever steam powered car, in China. He was an experimentalist and a Jesuit on a mission.

Ever since the models and powering components only kept getting better. In 1769, Nicholas Cugnot designed and built the first self-propelled vehicle, which was a three-wheeler. There has been much debate though on whether or not there is evidence to prove that the model even worked. The first ever automobile or car with an internal combustion engine was designed by Swiss genius Francois Isaac Rivaz. This vehicle was fuelled with a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen! It was in 1881, that Trouve, a French inventor designed and demonstrated the working model of a three-wheeled automobile at the International Exhibition of Electricity, Paris. The gasoline powered automobile was designed and built by Karl Beinz in 1885, in Germany. This earliest model of the modern car was granted a patent in 1886 and the rest is history! Karl Benz is universally accepted as the ‘Inventor of the modern automobile'. Beinz did not stop at that and went on to design other vehicles with the internal combustion engine. He went on to patent his first creation of the internal combustion flat engine in 1896. Benz vehicles were built to be powered by four-stroke engines. The designed found its way across Europe with the help of Emile Roger of France and Daimler and Maybach. The popular Daimler Motor Company, DMG, under the brand name of ‘Daimler' in 1892, sold their first automobile. Amazingly, Benz and Daimler are on record as being oblivious to the existence of each other's early work! Daimler Mercedes and famous Mercedes line of cars was initiated with an order placed for the design by Emil Jellinek, after the death of Daimler in 1900. The Maybach design was produced and named Mercedes after the engine. The economic conditions in Germany following the First World War, played a major role in the tie up between Benz and Cie and Daimler, something that has given the world the luxury car line of the Mercedes Benz. In 1924, they signed an agreement that was valid until 2000. They standardized the design, production, sales and advertising campaigns, still maintaining their respective brands. The history of the Peugeot dates back to 1890, when Emile Levassor and Armand Peugeot began the production of special designs with Daimler engines, in France. The first American design with a gasoline internal combustion engine made a market appearance due to the effort of George Selden, in New York, in 1877.The history of cars in Britain has seen several attempts to build steam cars. However, Santler is credited with having designed and built the first petrol-powered car in the country, in 1894. The first major production of vehicles in Britain was by the Daimler Motor Company, with their first cars sizzling on the roads by 1897. In 1897, the first ever diesel engine powered automobile was German engineered by Rudolf Diesel. The competition between the steam, electric and gasoline powered cars remained steady and lasted for decades. However, in good time and after a number of alterations and awarded credibility, the gasoline internal combustion engines achieved the deserved dominance by 1910.We all love the look of a bright clean, shiny car. That "just waxed" look makes us smile. There's just something great about a car with the brand new shiny finish, no matter what its age. Unfortunately with our hectic lifestyles, it's not always easy to keep it done. Here are a few suggestions to reduce your car care workload, plus keep your car bright and shiny. It's good to establish regular appointments with yourself to take care of keeping your car clean and protected. That may sound silly, but a lot of time can pass before you realize how long it has been since your car was last cleaned. Just jot yourself a note down spaced at regular intervals on your calendar, or wherever you keep your schedule. I make myself a note at least once monthly, while others do it twice a month or weekly. I schedule the entire year at once, that way I don't forget. Whatever schedule you choose; just make sure it's a regular schedule. This will not only help to keep your car looking great, it will also ensure that your car's finish stays protected from the harsh environment. Obviously, we want to keep dirt, grime, road tar, and bugs off our cars. These things definitely cause the car to look bad and do nothing to protect our car's finish. That's not the only reason to perform regular scheduled wash and wax times. There are particles other than the obvious that can do even more damage to your car's finish and cause it to look cloudy and dingy. Things like pollutants and excess moisture can cause deterioration of your car's exterior. That's why it is so important to make sure to regularly clean and wax your car with a product that not only cleans, but provides good protection as well. Using products that clean and wax all in one step, saves you time as well as ensures your car doesn't go unprotected after a good wash. Other items that are handy to ensure long-term protection are aerosol spray polishes. These are very hand between cleaning for a quick touch up to keep your car looking great without doing a complete cleanup. Silicone polymers in these polishes are safe for your finish and provide a good sealed protectant. If you car is frequently exposed to salted roads, excessive fumes, or other harmful particles try to remove them as soon as possible. Granted of course, if you're driving on salted roads almost every day during the winter, this may not be possible. Still, try to at least, go through the car wash once a week in these conditions. As always, prevention is the best cure. By regularly cleaning and waxing your car, by providing good protectant's, and removing harmful items in short time, you'll have a car that stays shiny with that "just waxed" glow. Visit http://www.fuller-brush-products.com

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The Price of Mountain Bike Accessories

If you want to get the most of out mountain biking you will have to ensure that you have all the best in mountain bike accessories. There is a vast range of accessories that are available however these are not essential but if you want to have all the high tech gadgets then you will have to be prepared to spend a small fortune.

It is important to do some research into the various mountain bike accessories that are available as it is important to understand what they do so that you are able to make an informed decision on what is required and what ones you can happily do without. It is important to remember that there are a lot of accessories that may sound good but will actually not be as good as they sound.

Some of the most important accessories that you will more than likely want to have include a helmet, gloves and also glasses. A helmet is actually an essential accessory, as it will keep you safe if you fall off your bike at high speed and it can reduce the impact on your head by eighty eight per cent.

It is essential to get a helmet that fits properly because if it is not the correct size it will not give you proper support and could in fact be even more dangerous. It is a good idea to have a pair of mountain biking gloves as these will protect you hands and the glasses are good idea too as they will keep mud and bugs out of your eyes which is especially good when you are going at top speeds.

One of the mountain bike accessories that a lot of people do not even consider are the cycling shorts however they can help to add to your comfort whilst cycling which is especially good if you are cycling for a lengthy period time. The cycling shorts add to your comfort as they are padded and this can be very good when cycling on rough terrain.

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Motorcycle Bikes

Young adults may have been seen using various two-wheeler vehicles, but males generally prefer the motorcycle bikes. Such a trend is common almost anywhere in the world. Irrespective of a country's GDP, a good number of people are able to afford this two-wheeler vehicle, making it a compact and quick way of getting to your destination, or even cruising cross country provided you know maintenance. Motorcycle bikes come in various engine capacities, but they are generally the two-wheeler vehicles with 100-250cc engines. Higher capacity engines typically tend to make the vehicles equivalent to sports motorcycle bikes and they are expensive besides being unsafe to ride at almost any time of the day in Manhattan! However, some of the classic motorcycle bikes that are gaining popularity with retouch today include the Yamahas and Harley Davidson models with 300+ engine capacities.

Budget constraints while purchasing a motorcycle bike is common. After all, it is meant for a large part of the world's working class looking for a quick way to commute to work. However, the trend in some places makes managers, corporate professionals and even CEOs arriving at work in slightly snazzier models of motorcycle bikes. All motorcycle bikes are not weak on the engine, but can run without any palpable stress for hundreds of miles. However, maintaining an average league motorcycle bike is possible if you know the basics. However, using a high-end motorcycle bike makes the job more difficult. You may have to be able to know about manufacturer compatibility issues, but damages and chips are usually low for users of high-end motorcycle bikes.

Suzuki and Hero Honda have their access to the market in multiple waterholes. Their makes provide the general public in many developing countries with adequate safety and service on a daily basis. Low-maintenance, high mileage vehicles are typical engineering features that come from brands like Suzuki and Honda. Some Harley Davidson models have also tried fitting in this league, but the heaviness and high-maintenance have held it out of many markets presently. Worrying about damages and maintenance cost is partly taken care through insuring your vehicle. However, there may be certain measures you have to take in order to see that your insurance costs do not climb too high. They can be really hefty, and with a good plan, you can easily save about 600-700 dollars. Tweaking your motorcycle bike with safety features, alarms, fire-protection, two sets of safety gear not only makes you look extra cautious, but lets you have a freakily stylish look to any motorcycle.

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Honda Stunner

Honda Stunner is a new addition at the executive 125cc category. This new slant comes with sporty style and power. The bike is primarily aimed to fulfill the dreams of the college students and young professionals. Now, you can easily show style statement at economical rates. Honda Stunner is a great example of Honda’s refined engineering, smooth and sporty performance. This two wheelers is offering great competition to sporty Yamaha Gladiator and the street friendly TVS Flame and real champion of sporty executive class.

The design of Stunner is truly ‘Stunning’. This change has been made due to Yamaha gladiator and introduce in 125cc executive category for higher capacity machines. It is surely gift for the people who think it for a 150cc or even a 200cc bike partly because of the big off-roader style Bikini fairing which create the bike bigger than it really seems.  

The bike is outfitted with an aerodynamic and sporty bikini fairing, smooth presentation and all-round dependability. If you want to know variants of Honda Stunner, it is available in two versions named as the Stunner and the Stunner PGM FI. Stunner is available in different color schemes include red, yellow, black and silver. However, Stunner PGM FI is based on the CBR1000RR Fire Blade color plan and fuel-injection among much other minor modernization.

This bike is available with price tag of around Rs. 60,000 while the PGM FI will be obtainable for over Rs. 70,000 in most cities which may appear like a too high cost. This model is outfitted with five-speed gearbox that’s make it wonderfully smooth. The high mid choice torque from the engine is an asset shared by its Shine sibling. The footpegs are draged back to follow a rear set assembly. This riding attitude makes for great treatment capabilities on the twisties. There is no question on the fact that Stunner is highly comfortable and maneuverable in huge traffic. This model is especially designed and manufactured for the Indian young generation and there is no question is to raised against the good performance of the bike. Great looks and excellent performance are prime reason for its unique performance.

Four Essential Tips For a Motor Bike Rider

A motor bike rider knows the thrill and adventure associated with motocross bike riding. It is this experience that increases your adrenaline rush. Of late, motocross racing has become highly popular among those who love bike racing. If you are a beginner, it is important for you to learn about few motocross racing tips to make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. You can follow these tips before the occurrence of actual event.Get You Bike Checked by Scrutineers Get your motocross bike and helmet checked by scrutineers to make your riding safe and sound. The rules and regulations vary depending upon the venue and the type of the race, so make sure that you update yourself on things allowed for your bike during the race. Scrutineers will check each part of your bike such as functioning brakes, handlebar ends, wheel bearings or spoke tightness. As some scrutineers are pedantic, it becomes important to carefully follow mx racing tips and check your dirt bike quickly prior to the race. Practice As practice session continue for a long time, make sure you find out how long you can practice. Always remember, many riders participate in a racing practice session, but no one is a winner of practice session. Take your time and observe others starting their bike. Figure out the gear in which you will start your bike. Go through the first lap at an average space and carefully observe the track. It will look completely different from your race bike than what you observed while walking on it, hence pay attention to every exit and entry lines. Pick up the speed on second lap and make sure you smoothly cross the jumps and corners. Updating the Rider: Meetings to brief the rider are held before the actual racing day. These meetings are organized due to a reason - experts explain or brief the riders about the starting procedure, last minute modifications in the order of the race. Walk the Racing Track: Irrespective of the fact, whether you have arrived on the racing day or the day before, make sure you walk the racing track. Take into consideration any obstacles or wet sections which may create problem for you while racing. Following the above-mentioned racing tips would make your motocross riding experience a fun.

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