Aprilia Coming Up With Rsv4 R And Rsv4 Factory In India

The Aprilia RSV4 is manufactured by the famous superbike manufacturing company of Italy,which is famous for its superior quality and also for the advanced and splendid design look. It has scheduled by the Aprilia superbike manufacturing company that the new model ApriliaRSV4 will launch by the month of December 2010. The cost price of this motor bike is very less according to the other superbikes. The cost price of this motor bike will be around 9 to 12 lakhs in India. the Aprilia RSV4 is the most advanced and powerful superbike among all motorbikes of the Aprilia superbike manufacturing company. The Aprilia RSV4 is designed in such a way that provides a splendid look and comfort to its rider.

The Aprilia RSV4 has a powerful engine and advanced feature of latest technologies. The Aprilia RSV4 comes under the sport bikes category. It has a powerful engine of 4 stroke and V4. The displacement of this superbike is about 1000cc and the compression of engine is 12.8:1. The engine of this motorbike generates the maximum power of 180 HP or 131.4 kilowatt at the rate of 12500 Rpm and the maximum torque is 115 Nm at the rate of 10000 Rpm. The bore x stroke is about 78 X 52.3mm or 3.1 X 2.1 inches and the engine of this motor bike is equipped with the four cylinders.

The Aprilia RSV4 has the advanced fuel system and also has the DOHC fuel control for the best economical performance of fuel. The fuel system of this motor bike is injected with the 4 throttle bodies, air box, injection of indirect multipoint electronic, 8 injectors and the inbuilt management system of electronic engine. This motor bike has an ignition system of inbuilt electronic digital ignition. The Aprilia RSV4 has the fuel tank with fuel capacity of 17 litres. The lubricating system of this motor bike is wet sump and dual trochoid pump with the cooler of oil and the cooling system of both oil and air.

The engine of this motor bike is also equipped with the 6 speeds gear. It has a clutch system of multi plate in oil and the transmission type of this engine is based on chain. The front suspension of this motor bike is equipped with the up side down fork of 43mm ohlins titanium nitride and also has the external adjustment system and the rear suspension is based on the aluminium swing arm of Double arch with the mono shock of Ohlin. The front brake of this motor bike is equipped with the double dish brake and the rear one is equipped with the single disc of Bremo.