Why a Homemade Penis Extender Does Not Ensure Safety

People no longer feel awkward about penis size issues. Unlike before, they did not want to touch any topic regarding sex. But because our society becomes more open to new and daring things, penis issue does not scare people away anymore. One of these methods includes penis extenders. Penis extenders do not cost too much but some people still try to replicate it at home. Homemade penis extenders may work just like the original ones, but it does not ensure safety at all.
Homemade penis extenders do not ensure safety to the user. Homemade devices can never acquire the perfection of the professional ones. Anyone who tries to replicate the smoothly-finished surfaces of original penis extenders can never achieve it. People make their own penis extender because it does not cost much and so easy to make one. Articles and tips on making homemade penis extenders scatter everywhere, but it does not include what happens next when you start using it. They give too minimal information on the result of homemade penis extender usage. None of it can explain why a man laded in the hospital after attaching a rope with weights to his penis.