Avoid Motor Bike Accidents

Motor bikes are everywhere, and when you're driving a car they can end up in your blind spot. Sometimes you just don't see them, either. Maybe the sun was in your eyes or you were looking the other way. It's important to avoid these kinds of accidents, though. You don't want your car to be damaged, and you certainly don't want to hurt the rider of the motor bike. Luckily, you can avoid those kinds of problems most of the time if you're careful. You have to be on guard and stay alert, and a lot of people are forgetting how to do that behind the wheel. That's unfortunate, because it means that other drivers as well as motor bike riders are getting hurt. Don't be one of the careless people who cause a motor bike rider to be injured or killed. Even if you don't strike that person with your car you could cause them to crash trying to avoid you, which can be just as dangerous.
Rather than take these kinds of risks with the people riding motor bikes around you, take the time to be careful with them.

Pay close attention to your surroundings. When you're driving distracted you're not only putting yourself and the people in the car with you at risk, but you're putting motor bike riders and other drivers at risk, too. That means you shouldn't be eating, drinking, talking on a cellular phone, putting on makeup, or doing anything else - including engaging in excessive conversation with the other people in the car (especially fighting with them) - that could keep you from giving your full attention to the road ahead of and around you. It's too bad that so many people fail to realize this, though, and that motor bike riders are injured (and some of them killed) each year because of it.
You should also make an effort to obey all of the traffic signs and laws that are out there, so that you won't be running a stop sign or a traffic light, or doing something else that could cause a motor bike rider to have to make an evasive maneuver. Many of them are injured this way, and sometimes the driver of the car doesn't even realize what he or she did to cause a problem for the motor bike driver. If that's you, you can change your driving habits if you really want to. Learn to be more careful behind the wheel and try to be calmer and more observant. You'll be protecting your life and the lives of a lot of other people around you. 

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