Bajaj Discover

With boost in the demand for high skill engines automobile giants appear to be continuously evolving newer models to tempt the youth. Bajaj has four versions in the Pulsar section its high-end 4-stroke bike. These variants include Pulsar 180 DTSi, Pulsar 150 ES DTSi, Pulsar 200 ES DTSi and Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. It has two different versions in the Discover segment titled as Bajaj Discover 125 and the Bajaj Discover 135 models and supposes to be economy mobikes from the Bajaj.

The latest variant Discover 135cc DTS-i is the Sports version with striking Nitrox Suspension as well as front disc brakes. The appearance of the new Discover 135 cc is really attractive and hot. When it’s come to make choice of different colors, it is available in three colors include blue, red and black colors.

Bajaj Discover is little heavier as compared to its oldest model the Bajaj Discover 125cc but with enrichment in power. The new Discover 135cc has absolutely increase in power release from the time the choke is raised and its smooth and the hastening is about 60 kmph within 4 seconds and that's cool for a motorbike of this category. Bajaj Discover 135 cc has valves revised and the bore is also adjusted such that it displaces 135cc. Do you know? Bajaj transforms PS directly to horsepower. So, a 13.1 PS in Bajaj Discover gives 13 bhp.

Although, it just a secondary amplify with respect to additional cc the end outcome in terms of power is proportionately greater with an outmost torque of about 11.88 Nm relative to the 10.8 of its oldest model at similar engine speed. Apart, it is outfitted with DTS ignition, the digital CDI ignition and ExhausTEC technology that interpret into enhanced power, performance as well as fuel saving in the new Discover 135 cc version. The exhauster and the heat shield approach in matt black finish. With a wider rear tyre, the motorcycle can successfully undertake the crowded street setting. The tagged price is the bike is Rs. 50,000 that is around 300 rupees higher than its previous version. However, beside the price it comes with additional features.