Motorcycle Headlights: The Commuters Guide To Biking

Rush hour can be a nightmare. Frustrating. Hot. Tiring. But there is another way

Dont leave that beautiful sports bike youve got in the garage until Sunday morning, zip past traffic in an instant. Well show you some tips and techniques and how to stay safe with your motorcycle headlights and other features of your bike.

Why commute to work by bike though?

Its fast, much faster than cars, as when you hit a jam in a car youre stuck there and have to wait for it to clear. On a bike though you can cut through the traffic, either weaving between cars or going beside them. Just take care to keep your motorcycle headlights on as this will make you more visible and avoid car drivers edging out into your path.

It will save you money. Bikes, even powerful ones, often return more than 40mpg, so its a pity to leave them in the garage, especially in these days of increasing fuel prices. Its unlikely a petrol and many diesel cars return such good mileage.

Its a huge stress release. At the end of your busy day what could be better than jumping on the bike and letting all of your stress just melt away. You know it!

How can you stay safe?

As mentioned its important to keep on your motorcycle headlights so you are even more visible to other motorists, but you should also consider upgrading to LED or HID motorcycle headlights as these are far brighter and could help people to see you coming from further away giving you and them time to react.
You can also upgrade your motorcycle indicator lights and tail lights to LED bulbs for exactly the same reason.

Your clothing can also contribute to your visibility if you choose a coloured helmet and leathers. You could even pop a high-vis vest on over your jacket.

Your riding style is also a major factor in staying safe. Always leave a decent space between you and the car in front as this will allow you to keep your momentum, even at low speeds.

Try and ride at the same speed as the traffic, then other motorists can see you as a vehicle in the flow. If you are going too slowly or charging past at high speed it makes it more difficult for them to spot you and recognize you as a vehicle in your own right, increasing the chance of accidents.

Isnt it inconvenient?

You do need to wear proper leathers, gloves, boots and helmet; this should never be negotiable. If youre in a hot climate try and invest in leathers with vents.
If you can find crease-proof polo shirts, or shirts to wear under your jacket then this is an options. Otherwise just pop your work-wear in a bag and quickly change before and after work, its only going to take a few extra moments!

So before you start commuting on your motorcycle just make sure that your motorcycle headlights are up to scratch and that you have the right attitude and clothing. If you do, then youll benefit by having more time, money and a big smile on your face.

If you are looking to upgrade your bike then check online for the best prices, as youll save loads over shopping in the bike shop in town!

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